Watch Out, Momoko! Also, This Week’s Goodies

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I cannot take credit for the above image. I wish I could take credit for it, because I think it’s comedic genius. But alas, it never occurred to me, even though – looking at the image now – it seems real obvious.

Someone (not the creator) posted it on MM-BBS earlier this week, I was immediately smitten and made it my wallpaper, and now I’m passing it along to you. And it’s not only funny, it brings home one of the major concerns brought up by the PV and the way the girls are depicted, something crs of 28hundred hours has mentioned before and which I know I’ll elaborate on sometime in the near future.

Anyway, this week the Single V for Berryz’s “Jiriri” came out and of course I had to get it! I had pre-ordered it at Hakubundo and it came in yesterday, but today was the day I was able to get it.

Notice the I LOVE YOU at the side – yes, it does make me feel special. By buying this DVD, Berryz loves ME. Do you have the DVD? Does Berryz love you? Well they love ME. It says so. Right there. On the DVD case. The mass-produced DVD case…

Hey! They didn’t really mean it, then! It was just a clever marketing ploy to convince me to actually buy the DVD and not just pirate it (though I did that too, of course – easier for screencapping purposes). Well… I still love Berryz anyway. Even if I’m now unclear if they really love me.

Here’s the back of the case, fuzzy though the shot is.

Here’s what the case looks like when opened up…

And here’s where the DVD goes. We actually see the girls putting together this drawing in the Making Of section of the DVD.

That said, I must wonder: do 12 and 13 year olds really draw like this? I don’t hang out with many seventh or eighth graders, but I don’t think they spend much quality time with their crayons and magic markers by that point. Or are Berryz purposely making it look more childish because that’s what’s expected of them? (I actually had the same thought when I saw the girls of 1st X-Mas making their little art projects, though SweetS were younger then.)

After the heartache of realizing that I LOVE YOU message wasn’t genuine, a part of me must now cynically wonder if Chinami was thinking, “Yeah, a rainbow’s what the fans like. I’ll give that to them, and a pig or cat, and a choo choo train… Sure, I’ve been taking life drawing classes on the side, but why share this talent with them? All they want is cutesy juvenile crap!”

Here’s the back of the DVD sleeve insert. Notice the girls drawn in, which is kind of cute but I’d have preferred more photos instead.

And I made up the part about Chinami taking life drawing classes. But wouldn’t it be nice if they did? Are any of the H!P girls artistically talented?

When you open up the DVD sleeve insert, you get this – again, shown in the Making Of for the PV.

And here’s the other part of the sleeve. Why some of them are on keitai and not others , I’m not sure. Whether or not it’s significant that the three oldest are the ones with various electronic goods – Saki has headphones which assume some kind of music implement – is also unclear. Are the others too young to handle such complex tools? Did something happen on the set of “Nanchuu”? Did one of the younger girls break a prop phone while playing with the imaginary basketball?

Here’s the front of the DVD sleeve insert, outside of the shiny plastic jewel case.

And here’s a fuzzy picture of the trading card that came with the DVD! I was hoping to get one, and so I’m quite pleased with it.

Last but not least, the DVD itself. The artwork ain’t quite Otsuka Ai, is it? But it is kawaii, and it’s nice that the girls are allowed to decorate the package as they see fit. That said, some basic computer graphic skills could be a smart future move. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the girls on Macs and using Photoshop or the Macromedia Suite? I’d imagine somebody cutting off Saki’s head and pasting it on a photo of Irie Saaya – or better yet, on some Monbu Ran footage.

Yeah, that’s wrong… But it’d be even sicker – and thus, funnier – than the image at the top of this post. And that image is priceless.

Anyway, you see that pink disc? I’m going to watch that DVD over and over and over again for the next few days. And when it’s burned through my retinas and I start hallucinating images from the PV, when I can mouth along random lines with the girls the way I mouth lines from Repo Man whenever I watch it… Then I’ll be ready to write a long-ass detailed assessment of the PV, the Dance Version, and the Making Of. It’s something to look forward to.


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4 Responses to “Watch Out, Momoko! Also, This Week’s Goodies”
  1. Chuck says:

    The writing on the disc looks like baby-talk, too (“daaaichuki!”)). Is this some kind of exaggerated reaction on the part of Berryz to being given a somewhat more mature image in the video, reverting back 10 years? And if so, will that only make their fans love them more?

  2. Steve Harrison says:

    It’s funny how the DVD/CD art reeks of juvenile yet the PV is obviously a more mature image of Berryz.
    If the PV was supposed to excite our fantasies of a sophisticated Berryz, coming of age, more emotional, with Momusuesque outfits, the why have drawings similar to a 5 year old’s refrigerator art, and pink bunny dvd labels?
    I wonder if UFA is trying to burn a candle at both ends by keeping the over all kawai image of Berryz intact, while trying to establish the group in a more mainstream setting?

    Hmmmm..what does this remind me of……

    Why of course…SWEETS…who shed their roricon image for a progessively more sophisticated and mainstream image (and look what happened to THEM!!)

    I do underatand that Berryz has much more promotional $$$ behind them…but even though I like the new single, the PV..and Momoko…I still would rather have an new SweetS single than a Berryz one on my iPOD a year from now.

  3. crs says:

    I couldn’t believe how well the Jiriri Kiteru single did on the Oricon chart. then again, it felt more Hinoi Team-ish than H!Pish to me, like the aim of the song wasn’t to create good background music to a showcase of the singers as skillful idols, but to make super danceable music. in the PV, anyway, the members felt a little indistinct to me, maybe because they were all given such similar poses.

  4. erink says:

    To answer your question- Good ol’ Iida is a good artist. She released a sketchbook which was pretty impressive.