SweetS’ Breakup Announcement

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I finally got around to watching a clip of SweetS announcing the breakup of their group. It wasn’t immensely revelatory, but it does allow more extrapolations on who’s going to do what after June.

Of course, the timing of the announcement was kind of weird. 5-nin SweetS has finally been reunited, they’re happy to be together… but then they announce the end of the group. I have to wonder now if 3-nin SweetS was paving the way for possible future changes and that the end was in sight even back then. It does make more sense that way, though I know that’s the conspiracy theorist in me talking.

And why couldn’t the dance moves we see here have been used in the PV? It’s fun to see the moves they have for this song, even if it’s just a glimpse.

The girls all look solemn as Aki steps up to make the announcement…

Aki, by the way, has grown into quite the hottie. I mean, seriously, I wanna see a bikini photobook of her now more than ever, she looks real nice in this outfit, quite mature for her fifteen years.

She also has a very straightforward, business-like manner as she explains what’s going to happen – apparently, to a crowd that already knew the news. She emphasizes the three years SweetS has been together and the experiences they’ve had during that time. She points out that this is not the end, that they will continue as individuals, and asks the audience to support them in their new directions.

I’m still not sure what exactly brought on the breakup and doubt it’ll ever be fully explained to fans. That said, it seems like contract expiration, company politics, life changes for the girls, and low sales all converged and contributed to this turn of events, though ironically “Bitter sweets” made a relatively strong showing on the charts.

Here’s an interesting contrast: Aya trying to put on a brave smile, Haruna looking inconsolable.

Mai doesn’t look all too happy with this either.

Miori is the first to speak after Aki, and she tries to be as upbeat as possible. She says this is her new start and again I’m reminded of the other work she’s been doing in the past year.

Aya seems to be taking this quite well, making me think she won’t be continuing the idol career path right away, focusing instead on school. Of course, it’s always the ones leaving the idol life who take the news best. I think the same can be said of Aki, if only because so much was made of their hiatus and of getting into the schools of their choice.

Haruna was the most visibly distraught… She definitely doesn’t want this to happen.

While I’ve been able to accept SweetS breaking up with equanimity, seeing Haruna like this is a bit too much for me. She was always my favorite, and always will be. And here, she actually looks great with her hair back to black, I like the way it’s cut and shapes her face.

I want to pat her on the shoulder and tell her everything will be alright, there are fans who’ll love her for years to come, that she’s still young and has a bright future and career ahead of her. Basically, the kind of encouragement adults feel children should know and that children don’t want to hear when they’re feeling this bad.

I’d always thought she was the most dynamic and careerist of the group, so to achieve a certain level of success only to have it taken away like this… I can’t imagine it, especially given the expectations one has at that age.

If she had pulled a Takitty and fell on her feet at the knees of Aya, I wouldn’t have been surprised at this point. I think she’s going to take any chance to continue her career as an idol. It suits her better than any of the others, she seems most ideal for this path than any of the others, including Aya.

Mai’s close to tears too and keeps it short. She looks cute with the ripped clothes and big bondag-esque bracelet.

If anything, I’m expecting her to continue one way or the other. That said, much as I love Mai, I think she’s not one of those better equipped to handle a post-SweetS breakup. The best thing would be to continue with Haruna in some form…

From there, the girls continue their performances, Haruna rallying past the tears in the process.

Apparently, HMV Japan is already soliciting for the second DVD, which according to them is title “Set Out”. And for those wanting to be a little interactive, there’s a poll on the Cult of Pop forum of which member(s) of SweetS will have the first post-breakup release. If I was a betting man – and I’m not – my money is on a new unit announced before the end of the year, allowing them a chance to be part of 4th Xmas (if that’s going to even happen).

This new, strictly hypothetical unit will be headed by Haruna with at least Mai, maybe Miori. In other words, 3-nin SweetS may have been a way to prepare us for the next phase…


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2 Responses to “SweetS’ Breakup Announcement”
  1. Johnny says:

    I’m hoping for a 3-nin SweetS return.

    I know this still a wee bit early (maybe even pushing it) but I wouldn’t be surprised if a “Special SweetS Reunion DVD or single” will be released during the holiday season.

  2. kagofeet says:

    Seeing Haruna cry made me cry. Ah man i hate being so sensitive! I just want to give them all a big hug and tell them everythings going to be alright.