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Well, it’s been quite a week, hasn’t it? Of course, the big news in the Jpop blogosphere is twofold: the announcement of Tsunku’s engagement and the upcoming graduations of Konno and Makoto. Paranoid conspiracy theorist that I am, I’m sticking to my guns and saying the surprises aren’t over just yet…

Regarding Tsunku’s nuptials, ikimasshoi broke the news with the official statement, further details, and even the possible influence of this romance in Morning Musume’s single “Iroppoi Jirettai”. Miki quotes some comments from Hello! Project Idols on Deepest Thoughts, while Santos of Idolizing St. Anna provides some insights on Tsunku’s romantic history. Barely 18 Movies still has doubts about the man’s sexual orientation

The double graduation has led to a spate of comments on a wide variety of blogs and journals. ikimasshoi of course has news on the graduation and the next Morning Musume single (the last with Konno and Makoto), as well as Koharu’s upcoming solo debut. CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama can be counted upon to give a thoughtful and well-reasoned assessment of the situation, pointing out quite pungently (and correctly) that “Morning Musume aren’t fucking disappearing anytime soon”. Similarly, bagofpeanuts of Koppie Dip!! hopes this shake-up will make Momusu interesting again. Johnny of The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory, has clips of Goto Maki in a bikini and, to commemorate Konno’s upcoming graduation, the Making Of for her Alo Hello DVD.

My usual Technorati search has led to many other blogs I don’t normally read, commenting on the summer surprises. nishi thoughtfully considers how Makoto was thought to be the one with potential but never really given a chance. cdk inc says “good riddance” to these members. hello miap thinks the two graduates-to-be made a brave decision and wonders how Morning Musume can go on. Freya of Ai no Tane uses her LiveJournal to look back to when fifth gen first joined. Elsewhere, maodaidoji is upset by the news, while Mandaz wonders why it couldn’t have been Sayumi. pianica and Vanessa have decided that with these graduations, they won’t be interested in Momusu anymore. Gentlemanthief blames Tsunku and threatens him bodily harm. There’s an interesting Makoto fanfic-style personal journal that seems to lay the blame on some romantic tensions with Yossi… Holly takes it into historical perspective for Hello! Project and closes with a great line, “Blegh, I hate it when H!P springs all this stuff on me.”

In unrelated H!P and other Jpop blogging, I found a site called WEBmikey which has a nicely handled review of the third Morning Musume PV clips collection as well as a BoA PV collection. Your Opinion Doesn’t Count again has two clips in their J-Music Clip of the Week selections, a preview of Amuro Namie’s upcoming single “Can’t Sleep, Can’t Eat, I’m Sick” and Michishige Sayumi’s solo take on “Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago” on the latest Hello Pro Hour – both accompanied with adorable pictures of their respective idols. Béné of the Béné Blog covers a good deal of news including the graduations, C-Ute’s new single, and the final releases of SweetS.

For those of you not following the Cult of Pop forum, I have a thread on who our perfect idol group would include. crs didn’t post but instead did a spectacular – and amazingly insightful – take on the idea in 28 hundred hours. She continues to develop ideas she’s been nurturing about Hello! Project, about the rigorous nature of the Korean pop music industry, and makes some insights that have to make me pause. Her analysis of Mikitty made me pause and wonder – and ultimately concede something about Miz Fujimoto I’d never really considered – while her consideration of Miyabi was also equally powerful.

Next up: Is age nothing but a number? Oh, that’s such a loaded question in my hands! Santos of Idolizing St. Anna provides a hilarious – well, I couldn’t stop laughing at least – assessment of “Lolicon Culture in Crisis”, trying to figure out which of his beloved U15 groups would still be legal under new upcoming rules of what constitutes child pornography in Japan. He also provides a great headline with “Young Idol Boy falls in love with Has-Been Idol Girl” with a fun article to match. It’s the story of a member of Kat-Tun becoming involved with a 1980s idol who went by the name of Kyon Kyon – and who’s twice the boy’s age (he’s 20, she’s 40). This is actually heartwarming to me and makes me feel lovesick again for Sachiko Suzuki of Wink – except she’s only six months older than me, so that’s not even May-December more than it is a dreamy September-September romance. Japan doesn’t seem all that thrilled, apparently, as the Kat-Tun / Kyon Kyon pairing has become something of a scandal… And for the curious, here’s Kyon Kyon’s entry in the Encyclopedia Idollica.

Jordi of Subliminal Beats is disappointed in the sales of Rip Slyme’s newest single, “Hey Brother”, and considers the mystery of their next single, while jariten of HALCALI day by day looks at a recent magazine spread with his favorite duo. Shay of SparkPlugged provides a short profile of Japanese shamisen musician Agatsuma. Gail of Kirei no Sora (formerly Existence) provides a handy list of May Jpop releases (new Sowelu? woo-hoo!) and looks at the Jdorama Kurosagi. Thea of Made in Paradise does us non-Japanese reading folks a favor by looking at Hinoi Team’s recent blog entries – I like the part about Asuka and Hikaru talking about what they’ll wear when they’re old…

Andof course, lots of eyecandy this week! J-Pop CD Cover Art has a great selection of older material this week, as well as the cover to Hamasaki Ayumi’s latest single. Cute Cosplay Angels has pics from Kusumi Koharu’s first photobook as well as lovely photos of Sweet Kiss’ Runa with a reprise days later – which should make me feel ashamed, but instead makes me feel… something else. Meanwhile, Idols Unlimited has a bevy of images of the lovely Wakatsuki Chinatsu as well as a gallery of Kahala Tomomi.

The ever-productive usagi of usagi incidents breaks news of Kimura Kaela leaving the TV show Saku Saku and reviewing the fourth episode of the Nana anime TV show. On the supernatural tip, Kagofeet of Don’t touch my jpop! takes a look at Japanese ghosts. And on the Miss Universe front, Karakui looks at this year’s Miss Universe Japan, who is Okinawan and a total cutie.

And for those wondering about this whole blogosphere thing, there’s an interesting article by Sarah Hepola on about why she gave up blogging. Consider that fair warning for the uninitiated and relief for the just plain tired.


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