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My favorite blog entry this week comes from Deepest Thoughts, which has seen an admirable resurgence of activity in recent weeks. Providing a great service, Miki provides a newbie guide to accessing Jpop online – something I hope she’ll also turn into a WordPress page, so it’ll always be available right from the top of her site. Miki writes this post in a clear, informative style with just a touch of wry humor throughout, so it not only educates but also entertains!

Miki mentions Feed of Pop in her piece, which is very much appreciated, observing, “There’s a pretty big JPop blogosphere where JPop fans post news & reviews about their favourite celebrities, just like mine.” And of course, I’ve got proof of that plenitude right here…

On the ever-buzzing Hello! Project front, Your Opinion Doesn’t Count has cute photos of Ogawa Makoto, sexy photos from Tanaka Reina’s upcoming photobook, and their J-Music Clip of the Week is Viyuden’s new single. Fujimoto Miki Chronicles notes yet another rumor that Morning Musume will break up sometime this year… In news both confirmed and quite good, ikimasshoi has two tidbits for H!P Kids fans this week, as a new Berryz mini-album goes on sale in July and C-Ute finally has a debut song scheduled for this coming week… by mobile download.

CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama takes note of the Berryz development and continues our Tsuji discussion as well as praises Tanaka Reina for her choice of computers. (And though it’s got nothing to do with Jpop, he’s got a fascinating piece on the consolidation of American record companies that’s great reading for anyone interested in the entertainment industry. He also bemoans the aging of Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis – but come on, CJ, all those arguments with Lou Barlow had to have some eventual impact on the guy!)

On the Avex Trax front, Thea of Made in Paradise takes another well-aimed potshot at Saito Michi, now a university student as well as low-selling idol. I must admit, the only time I give a damn about Michi is when Thea pokes fun at her. And our man in Tokyo, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna, takes note of Matsuura Aya’s former manager taking over for Paradise Go!! Go!!, expressing fear of “helloprojectization” (great word) of his beloved group. He also notes how a child TV star has resurfaced after twelve years as a large-breasted gravure idol. Pay attention, Berryz and C-Ute fans – this may be the kind of situation we’ll be facing down the road.

On the Jrock side of the blogosphere, Shiroi Heya passes along news about Dir en Grey’s upcoming tour of America, something Go of jrocknyc also celebrates despite a typo in the press release. On a less happy note, Go finds some disappointing television with the first episode of Rock Fujiyama – the follow-up to Heavy Metal San which apparently replaced Kumada Yoko with… well, someone who isn’t Yoko – and an appearance by Marty on Tamori Club. Speaking of Yoko, she’s debuted with her first music single and Go correctly determines that it needs more midriff

Jrap’s tag team of group-focused blogs continue to deliver. On HALCALI day by day, jariten has news that Halcali is back in the studio and wishes Haruka a happy eighteenth birthday this past Friday. These idols grow up so fast! Meanwhile, sister blog Subliminal Beats has caught whiff of a third Rip Slyme single this year, this with the rock group Quruli.

At The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory, Johnny presents the Jpop song that started it all for him. Kagofeet at Don’t touch my jpop! loves Crystal Kay and proves it with some downloads. SparkPlugged’s Shay continues his Favorite PVs series with one of my own favorites, Tommy February6’s “Kiss One More Time”, while Twiss of Sekushii biimu continues her exploration of karaoke in Jpop fandom, explaining karaoke in general terms and variations of that experience.

On the eyecandy front, HANABI.1984 of J-Pop CD Cover Art has his usual great selection of eyecandy this week, with covers from misono, BoA, and Koda Kumi. Cute Cosplay Angels has more photos of AKB48 and a further review. On the anime front, Madara of Madara Blog celebrates the official release of Whisper of the Heart in the United States while usagi of the ever-prodigious usagi incidents includes the third episode of the Nana anime TV series in this week’s output – a series I’m going to start downloading and watching. On the Jdorama front, Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe has found another gloriously silly and titillating midnight dorama, Shimokita Glory Days – and yes, he’s a generous enough man that he shares plenty of choice screencaps with us.

And of course, the blogosphere continues to grow. A new Jpop-interested blog I found is Existence, a beautifully designed and thoughtfully written site which covers various topics in Asian pop culture, including anime. And while not exactly a Jpop blog, them chickens is ash and i’m lotion is an intriguing, well-written blog with a recent review of globe’s maniac album.

And before I forget, lemme shill the Cult of Pop forum as usual – we’ve got a fun thread about who would be in your perfect idol group (yes, you!) and you can post a response without registering for the forum.


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    Hey guys, is down for a little bit – I guess my server company is having a little problem. Damn 🙁

  2. kei says:

    Indeed, my blog covers various topics. I didn’t realize I could be a part of the Jpop blogosphere, and your own site is a treausre chest of various Jpop homepages. Thanks so much for the shoutout!

  3. kei says:

    dangit, I meant “treasure.”