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My favorite blog entry this week would have to be Twiss of Sekushi biimu. Wanting to reinvigorate her long-dormant blog, Twiss decides she will focus on fan-groups, specifically Jpop karaoke groups. Her first post with this new focus deals with Shufflemoni, a group she’s a part of. What delights me about this isn’t the karaoke itself, but how Twiss finds a new angle in which to share her love of Jpop and promote the overseas community of fans. Following her bliss, Twiss has reminded us that a unique perspective won’t ever run out of unique things to write and share.

Speaking of which, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna outdoes himself yet again as he uses logic to figure out which high school certain idols are attending. Meanwhile, our very own otaku detective looks at post-SweetS work for Miori and Haruna, and deals with Parago Fatigue at a recent concert. At SparkPlugged, Shay takes a stab at webcomics and continues his favorite PV series with Galneryus’ “Silent Revelation”.

crs of 28hundred hours approves of my recent Berryz PV analysis (giving me the nicest, strangest compliment I’ve heard in a long while) and takes a detailed look at Miyavi and his appeal. At nitro.pop, Sami considers upcoming purchases and the nature of Jpop marketing. And at Made in Paradise, Thea tries some new obsessions on for size.

In H!P developments, there’s a new blog called Fujimoto Miki Chronicles whose mission statement is worth quoting in full: “What do we cook here? Mostly Hello!Project gossips and news merged with reviews and articles, all this with some sarcasm, resulting in a spicy taste. Bon appetit!” Among the first servings is gossip that the next Morning Musume single may be operatic in theme. On the scandal front, CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama thinks that the two months of Aibon’s suspension has been long enough, while ikimasshoi marks the one year anniversary since Yaguchi quit Morning Musume.

Meanwhile, Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe has fallen into an H!P mood, appreciating the old school Momusu on Tokuban and looks at Nacchi’s latest PV, offering helpful advice to the camera man. At Koppie Dip!!, bagofpeanuts find himself growing less interested in Momusu and possibly becoming more of a Berryz fan… Madara of Madara Blog realizes that the main appeal of Morning Musume’s videos is in the faces.

Miki of Deepest Thoughts has been quite active on her blog this week! She considers the recent Hello! Morning where we find out Michishige Sayumi has the fitness of a fifty year old. (Hey, does that make her fair game for me? Can I consider her an older woman…?) Miki also has news of Kat-Tun being harassed by extreme fans (yeah, that makes me smirk a little) and wonders if modeling is the easy path to geinou success.

Your Opinion Doesn’t Count has two J-Music Clips of the Week this week: Nakanomori Band’s “I Need Love” and Hotei vs Rip Slyme’s “Battle Funkastic”. Also on the jrap front, Jordi of Subliminal Beats breaks the huge news: Ryo-Z got hitched! Oh, and she also has the new Rip Slyme PV for download. At HALCALI day by day, jariten considers his favorite rap duo on MTV as well as on Sony Anime Festival ’06.

At Karakui, interesting news that hiro and Sonim will be starring in a movie about back dancers. And Johnny of The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory features a Tamaki Nami song with the lyrics. Cute Cosplay Angels was able to attend an AKB48 show and provide the usual quality U15 eyecandy with Runa of Sweet Kiss. For further eyecandy of a more mature nature, check out the Ichikawa Yui video at Barely 18 Movies.

On the manga and anime front, usagi of usagi incidents covers the second episode of the Nana anime as well as the manga of Niea Under Seven (a personal favorite anime of mine). On the Jrock in America front, kagofeet of Don’t touch my jpop! is upset that he can’t see Hyde when he performs in California. And it looks like shiroi heya has come back recently after months of being inactive! (And someone there will see Hyde.)

On the American music front, Go of jrocknyc covers a King’s X concert and backtracks to SXSW in a review of The End Records showcase. The latter is particularly interesting, as Go makes some wise observations on the revelatory nature of technical problems for bands. Meanwhile, CJ of Stuck in a Pagoda rejoices in the news that Iggy Pop’s reunited with the Stooges. Quite frankly, it’s surprising that they’re all still alive


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6 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup”
  1. CJ Marsicano says:

    Ray, I’ve been rejoycing in the fact that the Stooges reunited since 2003… I’m excited about new Stooges material and a full blown tour, even if I have to wait a full year for those!

  2. Ah, mea culpa, CJ! In my rush to get to the punchline, I fucked up the actual information. (Typical of me, isn’t it?) So just to clarify to readers: the news that CJ’s excited about is that Iggy and the Stooges will be making new music. The reunion happened a while back.

  3. Johnny says:

    I notice the “controversial” header is up again.

    What made you bring it back? I thought you said you had a “bad feeling” about it?

  4. Sir Mix-A-Little says:

    I have a good feeling about it.

  5. niji says:

    Why is Momoko’s skirt more balloony than the others’?


    Any-hoo… no (my) Risako here again. Well, technically, she is here but only half of her, if that’s even her… Discrimination against my Risako will not be tolerated. The emissaries of cuteness will make you pay!

    LOL, but not too loud.

    RAY ! ! !, my Risako beats Momoko any day (except those days when she’s with me because my dark and mysterious aura collides with her own sparkly and effervescent aura which after a chain of events that is best left unexplained ultimately sours her usually pleasant mood and causes her to brashly make unintelligent life-altering decisions like… “like I’m gonna tell you…” *raspberry* *crinkles nose* *naughty grin which reveals my dimples*). No offense though, Momoko. I’m still a fan.

    …sleep-deprivation is not very good for someone with a roridol complex and unlimited Internet access. LOL again, a normal one this time.

  6. Johnny:

    I said that I figured that header would lose me readers, not that I had a bad feeling about it.


    I have no idea. About the balloony skirt thing, that is. As for who can beat who, I’ve got the U15 Battle Royale Generator to settle that… sorta.