Reina’s Korosho Horrorshow

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Not that I want to make this Reina eyecandy week, but here’s one more photo which I think is from the upcoming photobook but which I didn’t include because it’s… well, just look at it!

Part of me is screaming, “What the fuck are they thinking?” It’s retro in a bad way, trashy and flashy and sorta eighties and kinda whorish. She could be one of the girls in the background of Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, looking trampy in paradoxically outdated sci-fi glam rags.

However (and with me there’s always a “however”)…

Another part of me is fascinated and finds it seductive in a strangely repulsive manner. If anybody can pull off this look in the current Momusu line-up, it’s Reina. (And is it me, or does it have just a little bit of that strange “Renai Revolution 21” vibe to it? Chou chou chou, ii kanji…) Her Yankee style background and adaptive idol persona and the fact that she looks cute in even the worst outfits (which I can’t say for anybody else, including Sayu and Mikitty) all works in her favor.

That said, I’m still not sure if Reina actually did pull off this look. There’s a fashion victim train wreck vibe to this photo that I can’t quite shake, even as it works its strange ostranenie on me.

Of course, it’s been the wallpaper on my computer since I first saw it. I stare at it and try to figure it out and find myself at some kind of Jpop Nietzschean abyss. Which may be exactly why I like it. It’s a puzzle waiting to be unlocked, promising an empty solution but threatening you with some unrevealed truth you may not want to face.

There are the obvious questions, such as “What dumbass / genius thought of this look in the first place?” But there’s also issues of generational meaning, of the appropriation by current culture of past decades and what they see in such tawdry borrowings. There’s the notion of sexuality embodied in this outfit, from the feathery jacket to the dangly earrings and the bared midriff. And there’s the ultimate Reina-ness of the image: is this her idea of playful? Does she see something of herself in this look, in this pose? And does that indicate hidden depths or an abiding shallowness in her?


Despite being very fond of this image and of the horrendous outfit Reina’s wearing, the need to ridicule remains strong. Here’s the good one-liners I’ve thought of:

Hey Reina, Patti LaBelle called – she wants her outfit back.

The half-and-half costs the same, but she’ll let you play A Flock of Seagulls on your 8-track while you do it.

Okay, “good” was an overstatement. But let’s hear you do a better job with the snarky jokes.


Then maybe I can stop staring at this and go back to my usual Berryz-centric inner gaze.


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5 Responses to “Reina’s Korosho Horrorshow”
  1. niji says:

    Whoa! That’s Konjiki no Gash Bell’s Brago. My goodness. 🙁

  2. kagofeet says:

    She almost looks like Paine from Final Fantasy X-2. I think that Reina will look better without the fluffy furry feathered thing-a-majig. It also looks like she fell into a pile clothes. Even so, she is still kawaii.

  3. acetonic says:

    Don’t H!P clothes always look ridiculous?
    btw. 8-Track was a long dead format by the time Flock of Seagulls came around. (I had it on cassette!)

  4. Acetonic:

    I knew that, but 8-track sounded funnier. So when forced to choose between truth and a punchline…

  5. CJ Marsicano says:

    As you’ll soon see, I beg to differ about that outfit… 😉