Oh Yeah, That’s Why She’s A Favorite…

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Has everyone seen the preview pics for Tanaka Reina’s third photobook, Shoujo R? It’s due out May 10th and I’m actually quite tempted to buy it.

Admittedly, I’ve said that about several other photobooks from Musumes – including Reina’s first one – and ended up not buying them. And let’s face it, there’s a bunch of pressing Jpop purchases I need to keep in mind for the next few months: the Zone singles DVD, the slew of SweetS goodbye goods, the Berryz mini-album…

Still, these are some incredible shots of Reina! She’s got a gift for doing shots that are both vulnerable but come from a pugnacious inner strength. Like, you’re catching her at a fragile time, but she can still laugh at you or even kick your ass if you don’t watch it. And of course, that’s quite sexy.

And apparently, she doesn’t feel the need to pad her bikinis like some other H!P idols. Good for her! There are folks out there who are perfectly happy with A Cup Fantasies…

And the good news is, she isn’t as bony as she was last year. There’s no urge to feed her cheeseburgers and small shot glasses of lard when I look at these photos of her.

Definitely click on this picture to see the larger version of Reina in that miniskirt. Yikes!

Anyway, I haven’t been paying much attention to Reina lately. Among the Musumes, Mikitty and her evil influence has been on my mind a lot, and I’ve been paying extra special looks at Sayumi and Makoto… But Reina hasn’t been so much on my radar, even with the kitty cat outfit and pseudo-rapping.

These preview shots are a nice reminder of what I’d been missing. So hopefully I’ve learned my lesson and will be a more vigilant Reina fan again.


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12 Responses to “Oh Yeah, That’s Why She’s A Favorite…”
  1. Alice says:

    I’ll take my Konkon Alo Hello book any day.

  2. Slackius says:

    ^ Agreed. Konkon

  3. CJ Marsicano says:

    Now you know why I made that wallpaper of her yesterday 🙂

    I’ll be blunt… I’d boink her 😉

  4. monkeypox says:

    konkon’s great, but she has nothing on ramen reina:


  5. acetonic says:

    Um, that bikini is about 80% padding. Unless you mean in the bottom in which case I agree with you, no padding. If you don’t believe me, just check out any of the H!P girls during the sports festival wearing tight tops versus their bikini pics. They all do it except Koharu and they probably figure she’s not old enough to put the ol’ cutlets in the bra. 😛

  6. Chuck says:

    Konkon pads? She doesn’t look like she even needs to.

    But yeah, that top pic of Reina is pretty clearly not all Reina. The rest look real, though. And I mean, she’s 100% hot with or without the tissue paper. I’d much sooner buy a Reina photobook than even Asami’s.

  7. niji says:

    There are folks out there who are perfectly happy with A Cup Fantasies…

    My middle finger reflexively raised itself while its siblings tightly clasped the inside of my palm in cognizant terror.


    I laugh but that comment really did elicit a negative reaction from me. We’re still cool though. LOL

    I’ll be blunt… I’d boink her

    This and the one from the other entry. *sigh* Go fantasize on some other person’s real-life future fiancée.


    I laugh again but I’m serious. We’re still cool too. LOL

  8. acetonic says:

    I’m perfectly happy with A-cups. I’d find the whole bikini thing a lot more attractive if we saw the real things rather than flotation devices. And yeah, Konkon pads, Maki pads… some just need more than others to get up to that “ideal” size. I blame Hollywood and the fashion industry for foisting this distorted image onto girls. I guess the H!P girls would be too embarrassed nowdays to show up in a bikini without at least (Western) C-cups.

  9. Alice says:

    Honestly, it’s not Konkon’s breast size that attracts me. It’s her whole presence (breasts excluded?) and just her personality that draws me to her. That she supposedly has bigger breasts than some of the other members rarely occurs to me even.

  10. jordi says:

    Hollywood and the fashion industry? The hell? Sorry for that outburst but that is definitely not the only problem for teenage girls with poor self image in Japan. Besides you need to reproportion the size of the HP girls, they’re midgets so any boobs look big on them.

  11. Suika says:



  12. Acetonic:

    They all pad? (Except maybe Koharu?) Oh, the humanity!


    Hey, I have my own A cup fantasies too. I think less is better, depending on the girl and her build.


    Makoto most definitely.

    … Yeah, I’m still surprised, too.