Oh My God! Someone’s Hijacked This Blog!

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Just kidding.

Actually, I finally found a replacement for Ian Hirokawa!

You know. Ian. He was my co-blogger on Version 1.0 of Cult of Pop. He contributed only one entry, but it was quite memorable. Anyway, Ian didn’t survive the shift last autumn to WordPress and a Jpop-centric focus (believe it or not, he doesn’t even own a SweetS album – or know who SweetS are), but he remains a very likely candidate for my baby’s godfather.

I’d originally wanted a co-pilot or two for this blog back when I created it almost a year and a half ago – it seemed a good idea to have somebody to bounce ideas off of, to have a bit of synergy working in my favor. And though I’ve been mostly solo, the desire for a blogging partner has become stronger in recent weeks for a couple reasons. First, a collaborator will free up just enough of my writing time that I can pursue some side projects that have been brewing a while. Second, I need to plan for fatherhood, when Cult of Pop won’t take up as much time as diaper-changing and there will be a real musume (or musuko) for me to feed and burp and so on.

There’s lots of great Jpop bloggers out there, as I note every Sunday, but most wouldn’t fit well with what I do here. Among the wide range of unique voices and perspectives, though, one person in particular struck me as a perfect fit for Cult of Pop. When we had a chance to e-mail each other over a minor blogging crisis, it confirmed my initial suspicions. I asked if she wanted to join this site, she said yes, and here we are.

So everyone, please welcome Sami of nitro.pop to Cult of Pop!

Already, Sami’s been a great collaborator. For one thing, she has Photoshop skills I don’t have, as the latest banner clearly shows. Second, she’s got some great ideas for future entries that I’d have never thought of. Her posts will be distinctly in her style, but still keep within the Cult of Pop ethos of strong critical writing that’s also fun and fan-driven. The “drool over preteen idols” aspect of the blog is more of a Ray Mescallado ethos than a Cult of Pop ethos, but we’ll still have plenty of that too…

Just to assure everyone: I’m not planning on giving up blogging about Jpop. I need some kind of outlet for my poems about Momoko, after all. Rather, I want to make sure readers can continue to rely on this site providing quality writing about Jpop on a (pretty much) regular basis, from myself and collaborators with a similar perspective.

So keep an eye out! Cult of Pop will only get bigger and better and more bizarre!


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One Response to “Oh My God! Someone’s Hijacked This Blog!”
  1. Shay says:

    CONGRATS ON THE COLLABORATIONness! Best of luck with it too!