Odds & Ends: Zone DVD, Kago-less Hello Pro Party, Whiteberry, Berryz Trauma

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Zone PV Single Collection Comes Out Next Month. On CD Japan, I found out a Zone Best Memoral Clips DVD is being released on May 24! Time to special order it at Hakubundo and count down the days. It’s said to include all their single PVs and “rare footage”, whatever that means.

I assume it won’t have a clip of Mizuho breaking the news that she’s leaving the band and the others’ reaction, though Lord knows I’d love to see that.

Kago-less Hello Pro Party 2006, W-less Set List. Got this from the MM-BBS – this year’s Hello Pro Party concert has Captain Maki with Viyuden and Tsuji. The set list is interesting to me because it features no W songs… I guess you can insert my usual comparison to Stalinist revisionist history here. I’d have loved to see Rika and Tsuji do “Robokiss” or “Miss Love Tantei”! But no – apparently, even W songs won’t exist as long as Smokey doesn’t exist…

Ranting set aside, Tsuji again does one of Ayaya’s earlier songs, this time “Doki Doki Love Mail”. It’s funny how Ayaya’s moved past those songs and Tsuji’s now laying claim to them – but hey, can Ayaya tend goal? Tsuji also does “Shall We Love” with Gocchin and Viyuden’s Erika, as well as the first Otome Gumi single with Viyuden! This should all prove exciting to watch when it comes out on DVD…

Unless, of course, Yui is caught by Friday shooting up heroin or something.

Hey! Whiteberry! Somebody’s put up a few Whiteberry PVs on Jpopsuki and I like what I’ve seen so far. Something about not-quite-cute girls rocking out makes them immensely attractive to me… (Hey, it worked with Zone.)

Music Fighter traumatizes Saki to tears. I’m sure some of you have seen the footage already. Basically, Berryz went apeshit when hostess Aoki Sayaka palmed her co-host’s crotch and then tried to touch the girls with the same hand. (Yeah, read that over carefully…) Saki was actually crying; the tears were more real than in the PV, at any rate. It wasn’t even skin-touching-skin, the host had his pants on and was as surprised as the Berryz by what Aoki did.

That whole sordid episode will cap off this coming week of “Jiriri”-centric posts.

Lemme whore out the newly revised BBS. I’ve got a clip of Zone at the John Lennon Festival in 2003, singing two Beatles songs. It’s in the members-only section of the Cult of Pop BBS, so you’ll need to register. But now that there’s a full-fledged BBS attached to this site, I’ll probably make more use of it than with the bare-bones version I had before. If the bandwidth drain isn’t too nasty, I’ll try to post up new downloads on a regular basis.

Guests can still post responses and even start new threads now, by the way. But it looks like they can’t vote in polls…


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3 Responses to “Odds & Ends: Zone DVD, Kago-less Hello Pro Party, Whiteberry, Berryz Trauma”
  1. CJ Marsicano says:

    Yay! Whiteberry! I miss that band… love ’em dearly. They’re up there with Black Flag, the Minutemen, Morning Musume, and the Stooges in my eyes. 🙂

  2. acetonic says:

    Luckily I have all of the “Videoberry” DVD’s so I can get my Whiteberry fix when I need it. For some reason, Haruna and Mai of SweetS remind me a bit of Yuki, the lead singer of Whiteberry. I still hold out hope that Yuki will show up in a band again at some point since I love her punky style.

  3. CJ Marsicano says:

    Ace, I hope that for pretty much all the members of the band. Supposedly a couple of them have been looking to get into another musical project after Whiteberry did their last shows, I wonder who? There’s countless bands on this planet who would kill for a bass talent like Yukari Hasegawa 🙂