This Week’s Goodies: the new misono CD and a cheap Viyuden calendar

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It’s another goddamned rainy day here in Hawaii but I was able to cheer myself up somewhat by picking up a special order I made at Hakubundo: misono’s solo debut CD/DVD, for “VS”… as well as an unexpected goodie, a Viyuden calendar.

Here’s the back of the CD… I find evil misono’s facial expressions on these pictures a bit too detached. At least, you’d think she’d look more into laying down a punch…

According to an insert, the song is being used for an upcoming Nintendo DS RPG called Tales of the Tempest. Makes sense, as the song has the energy of a video game and even uses a gaming motif.

The CD case opens up to this cute picture of a bitten apple.

Here’s the insert for the CD – on the other side is the lyrics and production information.

The c/w song, by the way, is pretty good. It’s slower, builds up dramatically, but is not as memorable as “VS”. Actually, it’s the kind of song I’d associate with day after tomorrow despite never having listened to them, if that makes any sense.

I like how the pictures of white good misono and the red boxing gloves of evil misono spell out VS – a simple trick, but still clever.

The DVD version of the “VS” PV, by the way, is a welcome surprise – it has a longer version of the song with corresponding extra footage. The PV extends the part where evil misono picks up the apple, as we see a bench of previously tried death traps for good misono. The extra footage also sets up the boxing match between good misono and evil misono, with a light functioning as the bell and the girls (girl?) getting ready in their “corners”. It’s more misono goodness, which I certainly am not complaining about.

And! misono’s next single is already scheduled for May 10! I’ll be keeping an eye out for that. I’m bracing myself for a ballad but will welcome anything from her right now.

Hakubundo was also getting rid of all the 2006 calendars they had left, selling them for two bucks apiece. The only H!P one left was for Viyuden, the display model on the rack. As you can see, it got folded a little on the ride back home… but for two bucks and for Viyuden, I’m not upset or anything.

This is the January / February page.

This is the March / April page. I’m not going to use it as a calendar per se. I like Viyuden and I’m actually quite charmed by the new PV for “Ai Suite Room” or whatever it’s called. But when it comes to referring to dates and so on, I’ve placed my trust in Berryz and will doso throughout 2006. So I’ll probably just find an empty wall space for the Erika solo shot and put it up. Maybe the Rika one, too.