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The recent episodes of “Musume Dokyu” are showing the practice of the new H!P Kickball team, apparently called the H!P Metro Rabbits. The first episode show the Musumes on the team and their initial practice.

From what I’ve gathered, the Kickball team is made up of the members of Morning Musume, Viyuden, and W who aren’t a part of Gatas, the futsal team. So Gatas has Yossi, Mikitty, Konno, Rika, and Tsuji. The Rabbits thus have Takitty, Makoto, Risa, Eri, Sayumi, Reina, Koharu, Erika, Yui, and… um…

Well. Whether or not Kago will still be on the team if / when her suspension is lifted, I have no idea. However, the line-up does sorta explain why she was named Captain: she’d have seniority in terms of being in H!P the longest, if not in actual age. Here’s a shot of the girls doing stretches.

That said, I found the choice of players fascinating for some reason. Maybe I’m reading too much into it… hell, that’s what I do all the time… but why make sure that all the members of Morning Musume, Viyuden, and W are active in some spectator sport? It’s like they’re in school and found out gym was compulsory. Here’s a picture of Makoto, Takitty, and Reina dressed up like aging mob bosses.

Something else that strikes me about this line-up is that it can create a perception that the “real” athletes are in Gatas and the rest who can’t hack it are in the Rabbits. Kind of like the difference between the high school varsity team and the junior high JV. Here’s a pic of the coach showing the girls how to hump the floor.

And is anybody else disappointed that Koharu hasn’t been added to Gatas? For some reason, perhaps because she was in athletics in school, I figured she’d be a natural fit.

Here’s a really nice shot of Risa. The funny part is that the harsh look and the hairdo remind me of the way she used to look back when she was less-than-hot, but you can see how she became hot now anyways.

Anyway, here’s the best part of the first episode: we see each girl taking a practice kick as the coach sets up the balls… Here’s Miracle Anime Ace…

Here’s Takitty…

And here’s Sayumi aiming for the ball… the cute pink ball…

Missing the kick completely, Charlie Brown style…

And falling on her ass.

She’s both laughing and horrified by what happened! How cute can you get?

For some reason, this just raises my appreciation for her. Forget Reina, Sayumi’s so much better… except in singing, but it’s not like I listen to Jpop for the singing anyways.

It’s funny, now that I think of it: when I first started understanding H!P, Mikitty and Sayumi were the bottom two in my list of most beloved Musumes – Mikitty for being so sour about being a Musume, Sayumi for being so vain. Now they’re my two favorites, and their perceived weaknesses are now their strengths.

Sayumi runs to Eri for comfort, hugging her. Eri, of course, is laughing as she points at the stupid, uncoordinated doofus holding onto her. This, for some reason, is also adorable.

At any rate, I don’t know if I’m all that interested in seeing the Metro Rabbits play. Maybe if Avex has their own Team dream Kickball team, but all of dream are already on it… so I guess they’d use SweetS and Hinochi and Parago to fill out the line-up. Hm. That would be interesting.


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9 Responses to “The H!P Kickball Team”
  1. Chuck says:

    I like Sayumi when she’s hugging Eri. But that’s mainly because I think Eri deserves a pretty girlfriend.

  2. Alice says:

    I loved when Risa hit the coach and suddenly apologized, and when Risa and Mako (I think) were both running for the same base and ran into each other >_

  3. acetonic says:

    Koharu in Gatas? Is that a joke? I guess you didn’t see the Dokyu episodes where “School Team Volleyball Captain Kusumi” tried to play volleyball with the other H!P girls who listed “volleyball” as a talent?

    Let’s just say that they must play a poor version of volleyball in Niigata as the H!P team got schooled by a team of housewives and Koharu flailed around ineptly, but in a cute way.

  4. KagoFeet says:

    what! kickball team? now this is going to be interesting! You think they will make kickball as an official game for the H!P sportsfest?

  5. Alice says:

    … my comment got cut off, must have been my emoticon.

    Anyway, given that I’d rather watch Gatas play weekly than Hello! Morning most weeks now, I think Metro Rabbits will be interesting. Gatas were slow going and kind of a gimmick at first, but they’ve grown into a fairly good (and interesting to watch) team with the rest of the Sphere league. If the same thing can happen for Kickbase, I would be pleased.

  6. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    Mikitty & Sayumi at the bottom of the list at first hmmm. I don’t know I felt they were Morning Musume heavy hitters right out the box man. Kickball team ….this is so damned cute I can’t stand it.

  7. jordi says:

    Funny how that shot of Risa made me think of Aoki Sayaka. She could even have a future in that too!

  8. niji says:

    [em]Funny how that shot of Risa made me think of Aoki Sayaka. She could even have a future in that too![/em]

    Now that you mention it… *shiver* that thought just totally creeped me out. The Bruce-Lee-Yakuza look I mistook it for was nothing compared to your observation. Heh…

  9. acetonic:

    I actually blotted that bit of trauma out of my memory as I wrote this entry, but yeah, I’d seen it…