SweetS Breaks Up

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Goddamn motherfucking dammit!

I got the news from Santos at Idolizing St. Anna, as always, and confirmed it with my wife’s help on the official SweetS site. They’ll have an eleventh single in June and another image DVD along the lines of Wings of My Heart and that’s it. Some of the girls are apparently going to be continuing their idol careers, but the Penty Five will be no more.

Ironically, I had bought the new SweetS CD / DVD Thursday night and was going to write about my purchase in this entry, but apparently there’s bigger fish to fry now. Here are the pictures, though… I got a Mai sticker, which isn’t as good as Haruna but almost.

To be absolutely honest, I’m mildly relieved that SweetS is calling it quits. As fond as I’ve been of the girls, I haven’t been all that enthused by their music in a long while.

As my wife translated the news, she said, “That’s sad.” And I found myself saying, “Not really, they sucked for the past two years.” Which isn’t entirely true… but they certainly didn’t have the same impact for me and for some others since Bounceback stopped producing their songs.

I’m not in tears the way I was when I found out about Zone. Zone’s breakup was absolutely heartwrenching because they were on the right path, they had so much potential, and it was gone. SweetS… the potential was there, but not so much in the music as in the girls themselves, they are certainly one of the most charismatic idol groups out there.

The singles since “Grow Into Shinin’ Stars” hadn’t been as immediately engaging, I had to get used to them before I liekd them… and even then, they paled in comparison to the earlier works. I don’t think the later work would have grown on me as quickly – or at all – if it weren’t for the startlingly great vocals from Aya and Haruna, and the fact that all five girls were always engaging to watch. They developed quickly as idols, became distinct idol personae pretty quickly, and always projected the right attitude and conviction. For me, at least, that counted a great deal.

My money’s on Aya and Haruna continuing on with solo careers or new groups. Miori’s got that spokesperson deal for that school, so she’s likely to continue in some fashion, if not in music. I’m not as sure about Aki or Mai – though when I think about it, all the girls seemed quite careerist in their attitudes to being idols. So I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them continued in one form or another. Who knows? Maybe Aya will go solo and the other four will pull a Super Monkeys and become the U15 equivalent of Max… though considering Max’s career right now, that may not be the best outcome.

Anyway, that makes my long-on-hold pet project, Love Like Candy Floss, something I want to get done before SweetS has their last hurrah in three months. So keep an eye out for that, I guess.

And okay, I’m tearing up just a little now. It always hurt to lose something or someone you’re fond of, and SweetS has long been one of my favorites. They were the third Jpop groupI got into, after Morning Musume and Zone. The promise they showed on that first, magnificent mini-album was always something I’d hope they’d return to, and while they hadn’t, there was so much that was great and powerful and dramatic about that first phase of SweetS’ career that I loved them and looked forward to every release anyway.

‘m going to miss SweetS. That’s… about it.


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13 Responses to “SweetS Breaks Up”
  1. CJ Marsicano says:

    Aw, man! I just got the single in the mail yesterday. That sucks. 🙁

  2. marlyjane says:

    I’m not torn up about this: honestly as “unfair” as it is to hold them to their BOUNCEBACK material, it was how they debuted. Since then it’s hard not to compare them to their previous material. After their second mini-album I lost complete interest as I just really felt their music was lacking. Entertaining as idols, yes, but to me the entire package is what counts: they were broken up in my mind already by the time “Shinin Stars” hit the shelves.

  3. Sami says:

    I’m really sorry about SweetS. The loss of any group in the J-Pop world already stings even if you don’t really know them. I was actually considering trying them out, too, between your praise and that little clip on their website that I watched. I don’t know if I should bother continuing now, because I don’t want to get more sad about it. Their recent single title is shockingly ironic…it is bittersweet.

  4. thea says:

    this sucks i hate this 🙁

    aki and aya will continue their lives as high school students. it will be such a waste for them .__.

    i wish mai, miori, and haruna luck 🙁

  5. Johnny says:


    Not to be a stick in the mud, but imagine what it’s gonna be like when Morning Musume calls it quits.

  6. Chuck says:

    How strange. They release their new single and it debuts pretty well and then they break up.

    But yeah, their recent stuff wasn’t so hot. I heard one of SweetS’ more recent songs a while back and ever since, whenever people would talk about them, I would wonder, “Eh, what’s the big deal?” I finally heard “LolitA☆Strawberry in summer” after you put it on your radioblog thing and then I understood.

  7. KagoFeet says:

    Fuckin’ shit. soo fuckin’ weak. Don’t leave me SweetS!!! Oh man, i’m sad. This is not good….

  8. k2c says:

    When I first heard about this, I actually thought there’d be a lot more upset people over this news. Of course I am only talking about the English blogs and message boards, but still. Maybe a lot of people were on vacation this weekend? Or did that 6 month hiatus prepare everyone for this?

  9. Chuck says:

    I think people have been bracing for this for a while. A little while back, somebody even wanted to start a pool on whether Morning Musume or SweetS would crumble first. (Shame nobody took the bet.)

    It’s worth noting, though, that people were a lot more pissed in the responses to the Idolizing St. Anna article than they seem to be here.

  10. Steve Harrison says:

    Can I say FUCK THIS !!! I think this is what it was like to hesr that Pres. Kennedy was shot, or Jimi Hendrix died…
    I just got into SweetS (thanks to you, RAY) and I disagree about the newer stuff. Yeah, the old MM stuff was better too, but they have occasional gems.

    However, SweetS was a package, and thye were the most musically talented group of j-girls i have ever heard.

    Damn the Japanes music scene/music buyers, who like Americans, seem to spend their ## on crap-rap, and don’t support real talent. FUCK AVEX who has killed so many musical talents that I like, they should go on trial for murder!!

    GANBATTE to Aya, Aki Haruna, Miori and Mai….DAMN AGAIN, I just made up a really great SweetS tee-shirt on zazzle.com. but now I’m really glad I orderd the black shirt as now I am in mourning!!! Have to go now, I am booking a flight to Japan right now so i can strangle someone at Avex with my bare hands…………….

  11. Chuck says:

    In the comments of Idolizing St. Anna’s latest entry, Santos and a few others explain why it’s probably not exactly a case of “SweetS got dropped because of low sales.” Santos suspects it’s similar to what happened with ZONE.


  12. Steve Harrison says:

    Well, i have time to cool off about this, so i guess with a more level head prevailing like Ray’s I just echo the comment:
    “Goddamn motherfucking dammit!”
    Motto, motto, motto, motto, mo ichido!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I second Chuck’s recommendation to read the comments on Santos’ blog – lots of fascinating points there.

    I’m interested in finding out which SweetS members are definitely opting for school and which ones will keep plugging away at the idol life. Apparently, there’s lots of talk that Aya and Aki want to focus on their studies now that they were accepted to high school, but is there any confirmation of this?

    And hey, all the girls can take a few years off and still re-emerge in their late teens as idols if they want to. That’s an advantage of being so young.