Sunday Blog Roundup: What’s the Time? It’s Time to Get Ilmari!

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My favorite post this week is from Rip! Slyme-ism, where Jordi provides 20 screenshots of Ilmari from various PVs. In doing so, she gives a very entertaining, if admittedly skewed, overview of Rip Slyme and its most charismatic rapper. And hey, I’d love to see Jordi compare “Stepper’s Delight” with Halcali’s “Electric Sensei”! Speaking of which, jariten of HALCALI day by day finds a clip of Halcali on an episode of Adam and Joe Go Tokyo.

Santos of Idolizing St. Anna has an interesting news piece about everyone’s favorite leather boy, Hard Gay, being Friday’d… caught with a woman! Apparently, not everyone knew that the comedian isn’t, in actuality, gay. Or choose to ignore that tidbit. Also, Santos returns to his roots by seeing Bon Bon Blanco in concert and notes that B3 are the most educated idol group in Japan. Béné of Béné Blog has information on SweetS’ upcoming “Bitter Sweets” PV and single which is quite exciting, while Thea of Made in Paradise looks at Nanase Hoshii’s latest PV – it’s either very cute or just plain annoying, I can’t decide yet.

First up on the Hello! Project front, recent convert Sami of nitro.pop translates Tsuji’s letter to Yossi, which I wrote about earlier this week. Madara of the Madara Blog compares Morning Musume’s latest album with their very first. It’s like apples and oranges in some ways, comparing completely different groups of singers and Madara points out – to my surprise, at least – the average age of the two groups at those times are roughly the same. At The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory, Johnny provides shots of every page of Morning Musume’s 2005 calendar as well as the Jankenpyon Tournament that’s the bonus feature on the Non-Stop! concert DVD. For some reason, Iida Kaori is especially cute in that footage…

At Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, there’s some other videos – H!P and otherwise – worth your attention: Utaban clips with Morning Musume, the full version of Morning Musume’s “Sexy Boy” as well as the Hello! Morning performance of same,and the J-Music Clip of the Week is Teriyaki Boyz’s “Celebrity Death Match”. Barely 18 Movies takes a look at that old Keith Olbermann news piece featuring that even older porkchop clip of Morning Musume… And on a personal note, Koppie Dip!!’s bagofpeanuts is shocked to find out a female friend of his likes Morning Musume.

At Musings of a Fangirl, Wapiko is lamenting the latest developments in the Nana manga but then rejoices at Olivia and Tsuchiya Anna singing for the upcoming Nana anime show. Meanwhile, Idols Unlimited has downloads for the Nana movie… At J-Pop CD Cover Art, HANABI.1984 has the last of Koda Kumi’s around-the-world singles series, landing Ku-chan back in her native Japan. And on the Unexpected But What the Heck front, the Channel-Ai folks celebrate eyn’s birthday with the release of their first single,”Shaky Legs”. No wait – “sHaKy LeGs”.

On the Japanese literary scene, usagi of usagi incidents recounts news about Murakami Haruki’s manuscripts being sold by a second-hand bookstore. (Though usagi’s headline is much more succinct and to-the-point.) On the Jodrama front, Akiramike of the mighty HampsapSukebe looks at the first two episodes of Byakukayou. In the new blog department, Don’t touch my jpop! by KagoFeet debuted this week. And in the gratuitous eyecandy department, Cute Cosplay Angels has an incredibly fun and luscious series involving a fetching young bus guide and four travellers. It’s in five part: here’s one, two, three, four, and five.

Going beyond Japan, crs of 28hundred hours looks at Korean artist Se7en’s new album, as well as making a list of what she listened to last month. And last but not least, Miki of Deepest Thoughts shares photos of central Singapore to give us a sense of where she’s from.


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