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There’ve been some posts on other blogs where I’ve told myself, “I wish I wrote that.” It happens because there are many talented bloggers out there, as I like to prove every Sunday. But it’s very rare for me to think, “I wanted to write that post for a long time but I’m glad I put it off because she did a better job at it than I ever could have.”

Such was the case with Jordi’s post for Rip! Slyme-ism in which she compares Halcali’s “Electric Sensei” to Rip Slyme’s “Stepper’s Delight”. I’d been telling myself I’d do such a post when I first saw “Stepper’s Delight” sometime last year, but never got around to it because of all the U15 cluttering my mind (and this blog). It’s a good thing, though, because Jordi’s a much better guide to these two PVs than I could ever be, pointing out details that probably would have passed me by. And of course I can’t mention Jordi’s blog without mentioning jariten’s HALCALI day by day, where he laments the lack of impact that “Twinkle Star” has had on the music-buying populace of Japan.

Two of our Japan-based bloggers are far from home. Go of jrocknyc has returned to the United States to attend SXSW and discovers Ellegarden are great. Meanwhile, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna has followed Paradise Go!! Go!! to Thailand, along the way acquanting himself with the local culture and customs. And in a trip across half the U.S., Wapiko of Musings of a Fangirl is off to San Francisco, but not without leaving readers some very pretty shots of Tokito Ami.

On the Hello! Project front, Madara of Madara Blog writes of English-language cover versions of H!P songs while Freya of Ai no Tane eagerly anticipates this week’s Utaban featuring most all the ex-Musumes. ikimasshoi has its usual round-up of news, including information on the two new dramas that Natsumi Abe will star in. Johnny of The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory has his usual H!P video offerings this week, including Yaguchi Mari’s heart-like-a-ferret visit to a haunted house and Nacchi’s hilarious rollercoaster ride / product pimping. (The best part is when the big pink rabbit makes Nacchi apologize.)

Recent H!P convert Sami of nitro.pop analyzes the recent successes of Koda Kumi while usagi of the usagi incidents looks at the English translations of the Kamikaze Girls novel and manga, as well as a related photobook featuring the ever-popular Fukada Kyoko. At Made in Paradise, Thea gives an admittedly biased review of Hinoi Team’s first album as well as a more balanced assessment of SweetS’ new PV. Béné of Béné Blog also looks at SweetS PV, as well as the new Berryz Koubo. And…

Sweet Lord in Heaven! At Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, the J-Music Clip of the Week is none other than Ogura Yuko!

Over at Channel Ai, there’s a flurry of welcome activity. spyro looks at Gackt’s album Diabolos while Lainay continues her look at H!P shuffle groups with 2004’s H!P All-Stars. Meanwhile, Rinoa looks at Hamasaki Ayumi’s latest release, the single Startin’ / Born To Be… Speaking of which, HANABI.1984 of J-Pop CD Cover Art has his usual wide range of offerings this week, including the cover to Hamasaki Ayumi’s latest single, Morning Musume’s “Sexy Boy”, and two classic Amuro Namie covers, Girl Talk / The Speed Star and Please Smile Again.

Akiramike of the mighty HampsapSukebe discovers that a lot of Race Queens does not necessarily equal a lot of quality eyecandy. Jarret at I’m bad at naming things fills us in on what he’s been up to this past month. And from Barely 18 Movies, we’ve got an article on Gothic Lolita’s influence on Japanese massage parlors and a clip of Sora Aoi meeting the cast of Mechaike.

In the new or newly discovered blogs department, there are two which are well worth your time and attention. First is marlyjane’s Fashionable Sound, already proving itself an excellent source of Jpop reviews with a nicely eclectic selection: in the first few posts we’ve got hiro’s recent boxed set, BoA’s Outgrow… and Mika Todd! Yes, Mika! That alone was enough to grab my attention, but the thoughtful writing and honest opinions will have all of you coming back for more. The second blog is Jpop Overclock, a nicely designed site that’s devoted to, you guessed it, Jpop and overclocking. I must admit, there’s a strange pleasure in scrolling down the page of this blog: cute Japanese girl… bitchin’ computer hardware… more hardware… cute Japanese girls… hardware… Ogura Yuko!?!?!

Sweet Lord in Heaven!

In the I Feel Guilty For Even Bringing This Up But It’s Too Good Not To Share department, Cute Cosplay Angels has two entries devoted to Garo Aida model Sari Kiri here and here. She’s cute enough to be a Berryz as far as I’m concerned, and some of her shots even brings out a mild resemblance to Yurina… Except, you know, she’s got that whole Garo Aida thing about wearing her school uniform in the pool and… um… wearing some really nice bikinis… None of you out there are probably interested in this stuff. Forget I mentioned it. Really.

One last thing: CJ Marsicano of Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama is apparently plotting something for Cult of Pop readers. What it is, I’m almost afraid to find out… But when it’s ready I’m sure we’ll all know.


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  1. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    “Go of jrocknyc has returned to the United States to attend SXSW and discovers Ellegarden are great.”
    I’m so jealous! Ellegarden isn’t making it to the San Francisco date. As a consolation Audrey at Ben Ten Tokyo sent me their cd since I wouldn’t get to catch them live. =(