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My favorite post this week is a rare moment of introspection at the usagi incidents. Usually a powerhouse of reviews, usagi takes time out to explain what it’s like being being an American expatriate living in Japan, looking at life on both sides of the Pacific. It’s a well-written piece, thoughtful and nicely detailed – definitely worth a look. She also does a celebrity boyfriends list, pushing forward the chain of such lists in the Jpop blogosphere…

Equally thoughtful about all things cultural and Japanese, Santos of the infamous Idolizing St. Anna examines different kinds of kawaii, including aho-kawaii, then looks at J-Boobs – his term for Japanese breasts – and trends in their development. The dedication of his studies in J-boobery, complete with charts and graphs, must be read to be believed. And really, it’s only a matter of time before Saaya Irie becomes her own disipline of study, like Shakespeare and Fellini and Madonna.

A notable new blog is the k2c Blog by k2c: it not only deals with Japanese idols, but American Idols as well! And yes, I mean that show, and I like it as much as he does. There’s Jpop as well, of course: among the first posts is a nice review of Morning Musume’s “Sexy Boy” and Hinoi Team’s “Sticky Tricky and Bang” PVs. And as readers of the comment section know, the Béné Blog has gone bilingual – in her native French at the start of the entry, with a very capable English translation below. This week, her Video of the Weekend is Perfume’s “Computer City”. Béné also looks at her Morning Musume fandom – lots of love for Risa, but alas, no love for Kei.

At HALCALI day by day, jariten translates “Twinkle Star”. Wapiko of Musings of a Fangirl reviews Nakanomori Band’s first album. In their usual thorough Made in Paradise fashion, Sally reviews Paradise Go!! Go!!’s latest single, “Dear My Friend”, followed by Thea doing the same then following the Oricon debut. Beth of Paint It Gold looks at Yuna Ito’s latest PV, “Faith” while Go of jrocknyc looks at two PVs: Dir en Grey’s “Dead Tree” and Nightmare’s “Shashin to Bara”. Okinawan-focused blog Karakui has news of ex-Speed Uehara Takako winning a poll of male drivers for most desired female passenger. And though I don’t talk about it often, you podcast fans out there may want to checkout Jpop Blast, which just released its 24th episode.

As always, there’s lots for you H!P lovers out there. At The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory, Johnny has (as always) new videos for your enjoyment, including the making of the Ecomoni Angels photobook and a short clip from Berryz Koubo’s “Switch On” concert. Twiss of sekushii biimu looks at the new Morning Musume scroll photobook. Koppie Dip!! has bagofpeanuts look at the “Sexy Boy” PV. ikimasshoi takes a look at different pieces of news this week, most notably Koharu’s upcoming anime and solo debut. At nitro.pop, Sami tries out some Morning Musume… and finds that she likes it! That said, she may know what she’s getting into, as she soon lists typical complaints of Jpop fandom. (Hey, I know I’m guilty of some of what she names…) And Madara of Madara Blog asks, Why not a Japanese language class just for fans of anime/J-pop/sentai? For some reason, I find the idea both compelling and mildly frightening.

As usual, the gang at group blog Your Opinion Doesn’t Count have a bunch of Jpop-related goodies: an early J-Music Clip of the Week features Morning Musume’s “Sexy Boy”, a couple of really interesting Yuko Ogura pics, a timely J-Music Clip of the Week with Amuro Namie’s live version of “No”, and a trilogy of viewable PVs from Nakashima Mika, Yuna Ito, and m-flo.

On the Jdorama front, Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe looks at recent episodes of Nurse Aoi… and finally admits to liking Hinoi Team! (Excellent choice of Hinochi screencap, by the way.) On the Japanese movie front, Miki of Deepest Thoughts takes a look at Kamikaze Girls. On the eyecandy in labcoats front, Cute Cosplay Angels has some really cute photos of one Toda Erika. And on the kinda religious front, reformed Catholic CJ Marsicano graces readers / listeners with his Lent Can Get Bent mixes. So no ashes on your forehead, CJ?


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