Preview Shots of the New Berryz PV

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Preview images of the new Berryz PV are now circulating and they’re worth a comment or two because… well, because they’re Berryz and I still have much love for them. (We’ll see what happens once the new SweetS single comes out, though.) It looks good, but this image already has me drawing associations I didn’t expect…

What struck me about the image of Risako at the fence is how much it reminds me of Zone’s “Akashi”. Here’s a shot from the “Fence Version” of “Akashi”, in case you’ve never seen it.

And here’s another shot, this of Miyu. Very dramatic, very powerful… but then, it matches the song.

This shot from the Berryz PV looks promising – dramatic, set in some kind of stylized warehouse or garage or something. The radio preview of the song pegs it more in the vein of the “mature” sound of “Special Generation” and “Nanchuu” than of the kiddier sounds of the last two singles, so that’s already encouraging.

Miyabi looks… wow. Just a hint of the Mikitty Ice Queen there, which is more than enough. I seriously need to rethink my opinion of her. I hate admitting that she’s the likeliest breakout star of the group, but it becomes harder and harder to deny that.

The girls running, which kind of reminds me of the Def. Diva PV because of the bad lighting. That said, the dresses make it look like they’re late for a birthday party or something.

Chinami looking solemn. Again, reminds me of “Akashi”. If a white bathtub appears in the Berryz PV, I’ll be convinced it’s an homage / ripoff.

And if a shot like this made it to the Making Of for the Single V, I’ll be doubly glad that I already pre-ordered it from the local Japanese bookstore…

But hey, can you recognize the girls from behind like this? I think I can, but I don’t want to spend too much time thinking about that…


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2 Responses to “Preview Shots of the New Berryz PV”
  1. CJ Marsicano says:

    Given the comments about the last pic… I have to laugh considering that in the “Koi No Fuga” PV, I can stare at Aibon’s ass for about 4 seconds 😀

  2. kagofeet says:

    I can’t wait till the PV comes out! The scenes look great though i can agree with you that the look is very similar to Zones Akashi Fence version. Still, i’m really excited! Go! Berryz! and for kicks: in the last pic from left to right: i’m guessing saki, momoko, chinami, and risako?