Odds & Ends: Metro Rabbits Shame, My Berryz Shame, New SweetS PV

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Some brief notes before I go back to trying to meet some freelance deadlines…

Metro Rabbits Get Ass Kicked By Children. Over at the MM-BBS, highly esteemed board leader Al Kusanagi gives his personal report on the H!P Sports Festival. It’s all quite interesting, especially the Konno / Maimi rivalry and the concert they give at the end, but the best part is the news that Metro Rabbits played against a team of children… and were beaten 24-3.

24-3. To children. This makes the 4-0 humiliation of Team dream at the hands of Gatas last year seem like nothing. And unlike that event, I have no sudden fondness for Metro Rabbits for being lovable losers. This is just pathetic.

24-3. To children. Wasn’t this a Will Ferrell movie?

24-3. To children. At the very least they could have started a fight, taken some of the kids out of commission with a well-placed kidney punch or two, and had a less humiliating point spread. But you know, that’d require having someone like Miki on the team…

By the way, I’ve been posting more than usual on MM-BBS this past week, mostly about what is “pedolicious” and “pedoriffic” and what isn’t. (Words I don’t usually use here for fear of yet more misguided Google search results.) Check out these threads on Koharu’s new photobook and Konno’s new photobook if you’re intrigued… You know it’s all gone to hell in a handbasket when my Momoko avatar is seig-heiling someone else’s Hitler sig.

The new Berryz keeps making me think the wrong things… Like most of all you who care about Berryz, I’ve downloaded the preview PV – it’s up on both Jpopsuki and the Hello! Online tracker – and watching it repeatedly. And it’s got me thinking things I really shouldn’t…

No, not those bad things. That’s to be expected.

I mean, I’m thinking, “Miyabi’s not that bad. Maybe I should give her more credit…”

Miyabi? No. Can’t be. Miyabi?

And I don’t think that when I watch the Sexy Otanajan PV, ever. It’s just this PV… Hm. Maybe it’s inevitable.

The new SweetS PV is available! Again, I see it’s available at Jpopsuki and Hello! Online. Grab them now! I haven’t seen it yet but even the screencaps make me feel happy and tingly. Between this and Berryz, it’s an absolutely heavenly U15 week for me.

Harenchi Punch rocks! I wrote that “Megaphone” didn’t make my 2005 Top 10 because it didn’t stick with me enough… Well, it finally took and I’m feeling much Harenchi love right now. “Megaphone” is actually a great song to sandwich between “VS” and “Chiisana Uta”. I’m looking forward to their next single, out sometime next month.

Where’s Akina? Still. It’s been over a year since her photobook Akina Trip and coming on two years since her last single, “Best of Your Love”. I miss her like a tearful breakup.

See you all tonight for the usual Sunday Blog Roundup…


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5 Responses to “Odds & Ends: Metro Rabbits Shame, My Berryz Shame, New SweetS PV”
  1. Chuck says:

    Well, to be fair, Metro Rabbits seems to have been formed of all the girls who didn’t have enough inclination for sports to join Gatas. They kind of are that Will Ferrell movie.

  2. Menno says:

    I predict a complete transmiyabisation of this website pretty soon! And yes, it will be completely “pedolicious”.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Im sure you like the first couple of seconds of the new berryz video XD

  4. KagoFeet says:

    I just watched the new PV for SweetS. I just wanted to say that I loved it! The girls are very cute and their smiles are just as cute! Go Miori, Haruna, Aki, Aya, and Mai!!!

  5. “transmiyabisation”…