Miracle Ace Shows Promise in First Photobook!

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Got this from the MM-BBS – scans of the upcoming Koharu photobook. And all I can say is… I may just get it. I mean, when she joined Morning Musume I jokingly threatened that she’d better have lots of bikini shots in her first photobook. But hey, sixth gen had bikinis in their first group photobook and they were even younger than Miracle Ace is now…

Standard schoolgirl picture. I find this amusing because the students in her hometown school were all wearing ugly blue sweatsuits the day Morning Musume came to announce her membership to the group. Wouldn’t it be cute – or perhaps horrid – if Koharu poses in that jumpsuit for this photobook?
It’s funny but I feel myself getting caught up in Miracle Ace fever now. I’m not really looking forward to the anime she’s doing, but the prospect of her becoming a solo star so soon – and the various media involved – is exactly what I love about Jpop. It’s unexpected, she’s developing her image quickly, and she still manages to be so enthusiastic and kawaii. Sure, much of it may have more to do with how she’s being managed than any impetus on her part, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting!

And even though this is just a scan from a black-and-white page, I really like this bikini shot. It doesn’t have the kind of overtly posed titllation of Garo Aida’s work (i.e., Jessica of Sweet Kiss on a pool table)  but it manages to make her attractive in a weird, bony way. I’m one of those who doesn’t like “perfect” beauties, who prefers a little quirk, a touch of clumsiness or kink, to make a young woman attractive in a more distinctive manner. Koharu’s got that in this photo – quirk, not kink – and hopefully there’ll be more like that in the book.

I just realized that I haven’t bought any new Morning Musume photobooks… old ones at a reduced price, yes (and I absolutely treasure the big pink second MM photobook on my shelf), but none of the new ones. Part of it is the price, of course, and part of it is that the downloaded scans work better for me in terms of storage and being able to use the images for website stuff and wallpaper.

I may also be very picky. It takes something special to make me really want to buy a new photobook and own it: the tactile pleasure of paper and the particular kind of visual stimulation demands that the content of the photobook be top-notch, that it’s worth lugging around and poring over in public, and losing yourself dreaming in its pages. The last such photobook that did this for me, besides the old Winkissimo book, was the first SweetS photobook.

But maybe this’ll change my mind. Just maybe…


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3 Responses to “Miracle Ace Shows Promise in First Photobook!”
  1. Steve Harrison says:

    I already have the PB on pre-order. Thanks for the forwarding the scans…they look sort of lame though. Of course even the most provocative PB’s I’ve seen have a few tasteful pgs in them. I guess my real disappointment is that the shots don’t even look like her (albeit thumbnails in B&W) Where is that pumped up hair with a ponytail she almost always is seen with? Well, I am sure the actual PB will be fine…now, when will we get a Momoko PB..she IS older right????

    BTW I just recently got the SweetS PB. Did you dig AYA’s t-shirt in the Hawaii/beach section of the PB?? I almost died….something like “Smooth and creamy, but HARD”…with a nekid lady bending over on it…as I have always said..”those silly Japanese!!”

  2. Drew says:

    She’s gotten so cute.

  3. Steve:

    SweetS often wear strange T-shirts with questionable messages on them. I’m not sure if it’s calculated or just unfortunate.