Def. Diva Returns?

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What the heck? Def. Diva is doing a song for the Rakuten Eagles. According to ikimasshoi, it’s not a new single but a song that will be sold exclusively by Rakuten. I actually finally warmed up to their single after it was sung on Kouhaku, though by no means do I count it as a favorite of last year. A few points I want to note on this development:

This is likely a set-up for a new single. Why keep this unit alive unless they’re planning another single?

The #1 must’ve helped. Sure, they had the lowest-selling #1 ranking in Oricon history, but it was the first for H!P in years. So I guess they’re hoping lightning will strike twice – and maybe carry some thunder this time – with another single.

That whole Rakuten Eagles connection keeps getting stronger. Is it paying off? I mean, besides giving Def. Diva an excuse to release a new single – an excuse they didn’t really need, I guess. But as a venue by which to promote H!P, the Rakuten Eagles has provided many opportunities. What I want to know is, is the crossover working? Are there baseball fans who are now Morning Musume fans? Or is the visibility alone worth it?

Will there be a tour? Nochiura Natsumi – a group I never got into – went on a tour. So will the same happen for Def. Diva? Or maybe just appear at important Eagles games?

Are any of the girls feeling torn between Def. Diva and their other work? I know Gocchin’s expressed some frustration at these special “solo group” units becoming regular things, and I wonder if they wish they could spend more time with their solo work – or in Rika’s case, leading Viyuden and playing on Gatas.

So will there be a new special unit this year? I’m still hoping for a Gokamattou… or, cut Kago and give it Tsuji, which would make it Gotsumattou… Tsugomattou? Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, keep the Gocchin and Ayaya combo but mix it up with others – Miki and Tsuji in this case. I actually find myself listening to Gomattou a lot lately, it holds up as one of the best H!P songs of that era.

Tsugomattou… yeah, if Rika can be in a special unit, why not Nono?


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3 Responses to “Def. Diva Returns?”
  1. Menno says:

    There is a crossover!

    Rakuten Eagles results and the sales of Hello! Project are both, BAD!

  2. jordi says:

    All I remember is the baseballers smirking as they struggled to keep a straight face through Manpower.

  3. Menno:

    Well, I guess that could be a theme… “We losers have to stick together.”


    Why does this not surprise me at all?