Come On, They’re Prettier Than This…

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Good Lord. Why did they allow this to happen?

The official Hello! Project site has some notoriety for putting up less-than-flattering pictures of their groups, but this is going a bit too far. Apparently, the person who did Maasa’s horrible make-up job for the “Piriri to Yukou” PV has returned – or trained a protege – because some of the girls look horrible in the new Berryz Koubo picture that’s part of the H!P site’s front page rotation.

The most distressing is Yurina. I like her new hairstyle, but the eyebrows and lipstick is just… ugh, words elude me. Similarly, Chinami looks a bit like a wax dummy – I could be wrong, but isn’t the foundation a bit too light for her skin tone? And doesn’t this sound a bit too femmy for me to be critiquing? Saki and Miyabi look a bit stiff, but that may just be the way they smile.

Ironically, the only one who looks good with her make-up is Maasa. But I’m becoming more and more of a Maasa fan over time anyways.

Luckily, Momoko and Risako have been spared the fate of the others, though for some reason Momoko actually looks younger than her fourteen years in this shot.

The schoolgirl uniforms are cute – at least they’re not a horrible orange – but not as snazzy as the set they wore for the second album. Though Yurina would be perfection in that sailor outfit if it wasn’t for… well, you know.

I just realized that Berryz have been my main U15 fix for months upon months now. But I’d given up on actually listening to Hinoi Team as long as Korikki “sings” with them. Keep him as a dancer, but I wanna just hear the girls’ voices in the singles. SweetS left me disappointed with the 3-nin single, though I’ve been listening to the earlier singles again in preparation for the return of 5-nin. I’m hoping SweetS will knock me off my feet with the new single, though I’m cautious at best about it. As it is, the new Berryz single sounds promising from the radio preview I’ve heard.

But are there any other U15 girl groups worth listening to and watching obsessively? I find myself listening to more adult idols and find that mildly troublesome. I’ve got a reputation to maintain, after all.

So, readers, any recommendations? And no, Sweet Kiss doesn’t count.


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8 Responses to “Come On, They’re Prettier Than This…”
  1. Wapiko says:

    Worth LISTENING to?

    Otherwise, I’ve got several volumes of Pure Pure I’d be willing to share if you just want eye candy.

  2. Chuck says:

    Don’t Berryz always look awful in their promo shots?

  3. Steve Harrison says:

    Well, I have the first Rina Koike (Sailor Luna) DVD…she plays outrageous classical piano in an otherwise booooring j-idol vid. I hope her new one will be better…How about Shihono Ryo, she has a PV on her new “Ghost Story” movie DVD. Ok. her voice is far from polished but hell, eye candy to the nth degree!!! However, I heard part of the SweetS “Bitter Sweet” PV on, and while it didn’t blow me away (I was hoping for a return tio a LolotA type song) it was nice to hear Aya and Haruna sing together again…

  4. CJ Marsicano says:

    Can’t help you as far as U15 groups, bro. I’m still looking for guitar-wielding schoolgirls to help fill the Whiteberry/ZONE void!

  5. KagoFeet says:

    ew, the H!P site never has any good pictures of the girls. yes, they are decent but man, this, this my fellow is true F.O.B. it doesn’t do Berryz and the other girls justice. As for U15 grpups. I can’t think of any at the moment. I’ll get at you once I do.

  6. kk says:

    F.O.B, fresh off the boat?

  7. I forgot a group that was mentioned in Made in Paradise a few weeks back: 9nine! All of them fifteen or younger, and one girl looks enough like Murakami Megumi to want to give the group a try…


    Pure Pure, hm? Sure, I’ll take you up on that!


    I actually liked the more recent Berryz promo shots that fronted the H!P site.


    I keep hearing about this Shihono Ryo but don’t know anything about her – I also know searches for her have led people to this site, which baffles me. Is she that interesting?


    Maria’s not doing it for you? (I actually am posting about them later today…)


    What k.k. said – “Fresh off the boat”? In what way? Just curious.

  8. KagoFeet says:

    you know i was trying to write this in a way where i don’t sound like a bigot or an uncultured S.O.B. heh. well, to me we have our own stereotypical way we see our own people. From the way someone wears their hair in a particular style or dresses up in a particular way. i.e. being asian, some of my family members wear my old clothes i send them overseas. and when i see them, they’re rockin a 1980 fila shirt with flip flops. In this case Berryz, there’s something about their look. I’m guessing its the hair that’s causing me to shout out “FOB.” Don’t get me wrong I love Berryz, but the hair and eyebrows just seem traditional. A look unwithered by outside influences. you know what i’m saying? hopefully, i made some sense here. haha. if not let me know and i’ll blog about it on the next post.