Cheaper Than A Hallmark Card, and Much More Creepy

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[And here it is folks… the fourth canto of “Momoko O Momoko”. I’d avert my eyes if I were you.]

It was on March sixth, nineteen ninety two
That the world changed with an auspicious birth
Out of the womb, Momo-chan pushed through
A newborn idol who would prove her worth.

Momoko O Momoko,
Was it only fourteen years ago?
That Earth received what it was craving,
The most awesome angel from monkey-girl heaven.

I was already in college when you were born
My fourth one, in fact, at Albany SUNY.
And little did I suspect, or I’d grow forlorn,
That a Japanese idol would drive me loony.

Momoko O Momoko,
My journey to you has much more to go!
But I made my way slowly to your special kawaii,
Via Iowa, California, Florida, and Hawaii.

The hours of delight that you have brought
Are matched by few, I’ll gladly confess.
Watching you dance and sing has taught
That among U15 idols, you’re almost the best.

Momoko! O! Momoko!
Destroy my pride, ravage my ego!
The queen of the Berryz, the best H!P Kid,
Your follower waits to do as you bid.

So eat your veggies, and teeth must be brushed
And drink your milk so you can grow up strong.
There’s a couple more years that can’t be rushed
As puberty needs help to move you along.

Momoko, O Momoko
I so look forward to your Alo-Hello!
It won’t be for a while, but I can be patient,
As your figure emerges from what’s now latent.

Your charms will blossom throughout the teen years
This is only the start, you’re at the horizon
You’ll learn so much more of your hopes and fears
As awareness of womanhood comes arising…

So Momoko O Momoko,
On your special day, omodetto!
I hope all your wishes have come true this day,
Hugs and kisses, with all my love, Ray.


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4 Responses to “Cheaper Than A Hallmark Card, and Much More Creepy”
  1. Johnny says:



    Hallmark would pay good money for a card like this. ^__^

  2. Steve Harrison says:

    Wow, things must be diff. in the islands…if I said that, I would be reading Cult of Pop from a San Quentin computer (which by the way I can see from the hill above my house across the bay…)

    But..taking a chance..I agree..Momo kawai desu ne!!


    Isn’t it weird?

    Momoko @ 14 still looks like a cute kid, while all the SweetS girls about the same age have become little women…prob. to old for PENTY’S soon….on to Fredricks of Hollywood, or Victoria Secret I imagine!!!

  3. Chuck says:

    I was just noticing that the other day. Momoko isn’t a lot younger than SweetS or Misaki of Parago and is actually older than half of Hinoi Team, but it definitely seems a lot more wrong to be thinking about her in the adult way.

  4. Steve and Chuck:

    It’s all about the marketing. Actually, I think Risako and Yurina – the youngest of the Berryz – could more convincingly pull off a more mature, SweetS-like look than the other Berryz.