Sunday Blog Roundup: Kago, Kago… Bunko!

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The shadow of Kago’s scandal still looms over H!P fans – perhaps inevitably so, given her importance and popularity. I did a blog roundup earlier this week for the first rush of articles – if you haven’t read those pieces, you should. My favorite post from this week, though, happened before the bad news broke and CJ Marsicano celebrated Kago Ai’s birthday at Stuck In A Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama. A cute photo and some well-chosen downloads are an apt reminder of why Kago fans care so much for the now-legal Aibon.

As for the latest blogging on the scandal and its fallout, ikimasshoi updates their first news piece on the matter. Koppie Dip!!’s bagofpeanuts makes an obligatory post and follows up with news that this week’s Hello! Morning has been butchered in the attempt to exclude Kago footage. Freya of Ai no Tane has her own reactions to the news and follows up with thoughts on Kago’s career. And Go of jrocknyc looks at the news from a distinctly non-fan perspective.

Off the beaten path, I found a Jpop-oriented blog called err.KISS {daijobu OK OK OK} that both wishes Kago a happy birthday and notes the scandal. The Tagalog-titled, H!P-friendly Hindi Ako Si Boss X has posts written in English, including a brief write-up on Kago’s scandal. And on a slight tangent, another idol has fallen this week as well, as Beth of Paint It Gold looks at Michelle Kwan bowing out of the Olympics.

Of course, there’s more to life than Kago smoking, and the Jpop blogosphere reminds us of that as well. Channel Ai has a big showing this week, which is always welcome reading for discerning fans of Jpop: Rinoa considers Koda Kumi’s first of the dozen weekly singles, “you” while precocious resident H!P writer Lainay begins a series on the shuffle groups starting with the very first line-up. ikimasshoi has a lot of other news this week, including Otsuka Ai’s upcoming single. At HALCALI day by day, jariten has news of a contest where the winner will be styled by Haruka and Yukari.

Idolizing St. Anna has an interesting mix of articles this week, as always, including a recent TV program about his namesake’s band and an ex-AV actress who now teaches Spanish on television. At Made in Paradise, Sally is shocked at SweetS’ Miori appearing in Japan’s Weekly Playboy while Thea has more news on Hinoi Team’s upcoming single and album. Jarret at I’m bad at naming things takes a look at Japanese Hip Hop.

Your Opinion Doesn’t Count includes Pics of the Day featuring Sayumi the cookie thief and Shige in a kimono and Sayu with her fellow sixth gens. Also, their J-Music Clip of the Week is a favorite of mine, Ayaya and Hinoi Team doing “Pecori Night”… with Hinochi in luscious cheerleader outfits.

Over at the usagi incidents, there’s coverage of recent Utada Hikaru as well as an old Kimura Kaela limited edition DVD and her most recent PV. (And she’s gotten hooked to one of my wife’s favorite TV shows, Supernatural!) J-Pop CD Cover Art has a nice mix of eyecandy this week, including a great cover of Amuro Namie and an enticing image of Suzuki Ami. At Barely 18 Movies, a profile of that sexiest of sexy pop idols, Koda Kumi. Johnny of The Mind: My Personal Idea Factory has bought his first Morning Musume DVD as well as put up new videos on his site. Madara of Madara Blog looks at the newest Pokemon movie and Puffy AmiYumi’s contribution.

While I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone (well, not to anyone who dislikes nudity), there’s some very nice photos of AV legend Bunko Kanazawa at Cute Cosplay Angels – here’s parts one, two and three, the first two involving schoolgirl cosplay. What the hell, it’ll get your mind off Kago for a while.

And in the new and recently-discovered department, DanneWorks is a blog with some interest in H!P. Morning-Musume is a South Korean blog with a special devotion to Niigaki, and some of it is written in English…


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4 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Kago, Kago… Bunko!”
  1. CJ Marsicano says:

    Bunco is nice, but she’s definitely no Aibon. XD

  2. usagi says:

    Guh I am so totally addicted to Supernatural, it’s not even funny. XD

  3. Wapiko says:

    Awww, whenever I see the name “Bunko” I just miss the tracker even more. =(

  4. Wapiko:

    Me too! The Bunko tracker was what opened up the world of H!P to me.