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To start things off, there’s two great new blogs worth checking out. First off is nitro.pop, a Jpop blog inspired by Feed of Pop – so take a bow, all you Feed bloggers out there, we’ve become role models! All kidding aside, I was immediately impressed by Sami’s thoughtful writing, striking a balance between an offhand casual tone and a clear critical stance. It’ll be fun to read her in the coming weeks and months – and, judging by what she’s written about already (UVERworld, Aqua Timez), have my horizons expanded some.

Equally exciting is Rip! Slyme-ism, a Rip Slyme blog by Jordi, a nice companion to HALCALI day by day. As with jariten’s excellent blog, the one-group focus allows for deeper coverage of Rip Slyme and what’s going on with them. Speaking of which, jariten of HALCALI day by day looks at a recent issue of Girlpop magazine and discovers the reason why “Twinkle Star” had its release delayed since last year. I find that reason both strange and utterly believable…

Santos of Idolizing St. Anna takes interactivity to a new height as he asks his readers what they’d want him to ask the members of Paradise Go!! Go!! when he sees them at a handshake event… then reports back on their response. He’ll be doing the same with handshake events for SweetS and Hinoi Team next month, so think up something and pass it on to our man in Tokyo. Well, you know what I want to ask SweetS, it’s so obvious and tempting and even perhaps naughty… “When the f*** are you working with Bounceback again?”

Anyway, Santos also looks at the PV for Hinoi Team’s upcoming single, “Sticky Tricky and Bang”. What strikes me about the PV is how nice and conservative the girls’ outfits are in the PV… and how Koriki can wear a bandleader costume from the waist up and still wear just briefs below the waist. Speaking of which, usagi of the usagi incidents continues to consider Hard Gay, including a live collaboration with Hinochi friend Koriki and the PV for “Young Man”.

As always, there’s a nice selection of H!P blogging this week. Twiss of Sekushii biimu does a detailed album review of Rainbow 7. Freya of Ai no Tane takes a look at C-Ute, Lainay of Channel Ai continues her look at the H!P shuffles with the 2002 shiawase line-up as well as the 2003 elements line-up (which features Salt 5, my favorite shuffle group until my sudden obsession with Sexy Otonajan in recent weeks). Madara of Madara Blog considers Speed in relation to H!P and wonders why he likes 1990s Jpop so much. Johnny of The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory has Rainbow 7 tracks available for listening, as well as a live performance of Berryz Koubo doing “Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteru You know” for your viewing pleasure.

At Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, Langdon Alger’s Pic of the Day for most of the week is Mikitty-centric – as seen here, here, here, and here. And here. And here. And then he puts up a Miki music clip. And then he refrains from buying Mikitty a cake for her birthday! Come on, man, you’re committed – getting Miki a birthday cake would be the, um, icing on the cake here! Meanwhile,Tsuji Eriku’s watching Futarigoto at his grandmother’s house and Hikaru Doumuoji shares PVs from Halcali, Shiina Ringo, and Sexy Otanajan. There’s a strangely intimate, Manson family vibe to this group blog (the ongoing Awful Album Covers feature may be influencing this perception), though I think the guys would have to do a caged battle match to determine who’ll be Charlie. Oh, and their J-Music Clip of the week is Amuro Namie with some other folks.

Having brought up late 90s Jpop and Amuro, Karakui looks at Max’s new album, their first in four years. Meanwhile, Thea of Made in Paradise returns to her roots and looks at the new Lead PV. HANABI.1984 of J-Pop CD Cover Art has new pictures up this week, including the cover to Utada Hikaru’s well-received new single as well as more of Koda Kumi’s around the world series: we’ve got Ku-chans from India, France, Hawaii, and Italy. Not to be bitchy, but that headdress for Hawaii looks more Carmen Miranda than kamaina. ikimasshoi polls its readers to find out what they look forward to in March.

The value of close reading and critical thinking is evident in 28hundred hours, where crs tears apart a couple of articles on Korean pop music, exposing shoddy writing and even shoddier reasoning. Gaki of has put up Ueto Aya photobooks for downloading, while Morning Scene has news of Polysics appearing on Seattle radio on March 1st.

For your viewing pleasure or discomfort (I still can’t decide), Cute Cosplay Angels has photos of Sweet Kiss. Actually, these shots aren’t at all suggestive – but where’s the fun in that, then? Idols Unlimited has the Ecomoni photobook, which features some very lovely Sayumi pics – oh, and Rika, too. Barely 18 Movies has an announcement of another new Maria Ozawa AV DVD which I’ll want to get but probably won’t… And for the truly adventurous – or just plain sick – I direct your attention ot Octopus Dropkick’s presentation of Kaiju Porn.

On the Jdorama front, Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe looks at the latest episode of Jyoou no Kyoushitsu while bagofpeanuts of Koppie Dip!! look at the first episode of Byakuyakou. On the geinou drama front, Go of jrocknyc reports on gravure idol Kumada Yoko apparently trysting with Mechaike’s Okamura. I’m at a loss for words… (Though it could be worse. Could they be filming Kaiju Porn?) And as the Olympics end tonight, Paint It Gold’s Beth looks at women’s figure skating at the Olympics and breaks the news of the Gold medalist. Did you see Arakawa Shizuka’s reaction when she found out she won? That was the sexiest jaw-drop I ever saw! Too bad she isn’t an idol… though maybe if we extend the definition a little…


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  1. yeah..I had to forgo the birthday cake idea cuz nobody else wanted to partake in the full blow celebration…meaning nobody besides myself was willing to wear the birthday hats…freakin party poopers…

  2. Steve Harrison says:

    About SweetKiss, I have the Jessica PB, and DVD mostly because I thought from her org. pics she was American (which is unheard of in the jr. idol genre) After seeing more photos, I can see now that she is Eurasian, which is really cool. some pics she looks absolutely western, and in others Asian. Of course, she IS from CA, so that does technically make her American. Before you rush out and try to find the PB/DVD I want to say that all in all, the pics and vid are pretty lame by Japan standards….now if you REALLY want to squirm, try watching the 2nd dvd, “Angel’s Picture Diary” featuring (from Milk Caramel/Honey Cookie fame) Ayaka Itou & Miizuki Jitsukata !!! It made ME squirm alright ! I bought this in Tokyo a few mons ago as a souvenir of weird JP , and I am sure glad cutoms didn’t ask to view this….Do I think it is legal… I think it will make you jaw drop…yes..enough said. (I will now stick to girls that can sing, as I mentioned before) I also bought some Shihono Ryo stuff, but she DOES sing, at least has a PV of the ending theme of her “Ghost Story” movie…

  3. Beth says:

    Shizuka’s reaction was totally priceless! She did that cute little “V is for Victory” thing. I’m very VERY happy she won. XD