My Dream of Kumai

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I was up till four AM last night, woke up mid-morning and had the urge to download whatever Berryz images I can get from Kakko-ii, a great repository of H!P images. I’d been meaning to do so for a while, but finally got around to it now. So I had Berryz on my mind, apparently. And so when I felt drowsy and fell back to sleep for a few hours in the early afternoon…

I dreamed of Yurina. Basically, I was sitting at a bench and she ran up to me and gave me a playful kiss – the kind one gives to a doting uncle, on the cheek. Pleasantly surprised, I held her lightly by the arm and asked her how school was. I had to repeat the question, since she didn’t understand English too well. When she did get it, she just said, “Good,” and then something happened a few feet away which caught both our attention.

The other Berryz were around but I didn’t deal with them at all, and the Berryz interlude faded into something else the way dreams sometimes do. The only thing I woke up remembering with any clarity was this particular moment.

The interesting thing for me is how similar it is to my dream of Fujimoto. Intimate without being at all amorous, and involving an idol who isn’t at the top of my list. (Why not Momoko? Or Maasa?) Though the dream pushed Mikitty to the top of my favorite Musumes, I don’t think this’ll do the same for Yurina in Berryz. If anything, I seem to be a confidant or friend – and perfectly content with that – in my dreams. In the case of Yurina, that’s probably for the best. Any Humbert-esque dreams of the Berryz would likely send me into therapy out of sheer guilt.

That said, there are many over-sixteen idols worth dreaming about… Kago, Tsuji, what the heck, even Ishiguro Aya and Tachibana Kana. So I ask this of my subconscious: where are all the nasty dreams about idols? Aren’t I entitled to something guilty and lustful and leaving a different kind of smile on my face when I wake up? What the hell is my psyche trying to tell me with these dreams, dammit?


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6 Responses to “My Dream of Kumai”
  1. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    Um, I’d feel guilty just having a dream with an underage idol in it period! Props to you though for bravely putting it out there like you did hehe. Wait a minute….I seem to recall a dream with Asuka Hinoi in it recently……..

  2. An hour after I wrote the above post, my wife took a home pregnancy test and confirmed she’s pregnant. (We’d been worrying about it the past couple weeks.) Puts the dream in a whole new perspective, doesn’t it?

  3. CJ Marsicano says:

    Which H!P-er are you going to name the baby after, if it’s a girl?

    I told my g/f a few times that we should name our future daughter Aibon Nozomi. To quote Frank Zappa in his autobiography, she looked at me like I was out of my fucking mind. (Did I mention that she hates J-Pop and prefers 3 Doors Down and American Idle?)

  4. Holy crap, CJ! For a couple years now I’ve been telling Barbara our first daughter would be named Ai Nozomi Mescallado. It’s really spooky that we’re thinking along the same lines. I wonder how many others have thought of naming their future children after W…

    My wife had the same reaction as your g/f but I’m holding my ground on this one for as long as possible.

    The second choice is definitely Haruna Mai – as in SweetS – which I think actually sounds better. I can’t imagine using any of the Berryz’s name except maybe Chinami’s.

  5. Taka says:

    I’d go with Ai over Haruna. Haruna sounds way too close to “Hakuna Matata” from Lion King. You gotta think like a 7-year old playground brat XD
    Ai Nozomi could work out okay because it can mean “Love” and “Wish” respectively. And that’s just damn cute.

  6. crs says:

    oh my god! Ray, congratulations to you and your wife!