A Very Berryz 2006

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Finally, my Berryz calendar has arrived! I originally tried to order it at the local Japanese bookstore but I did that in December and by then it was too late to do so. Then I decided to just order it online but kept putting it off or forgetting. Finally, I saw this post on Your Opinion Doesn’t Count maybe a week ago, followed the link to Jbox.com and was shocked at how cheap the Berryz calendar was. (It must have been the last one since that link no longer works.) So I ordered it and today my house is finally prepared for the rest of 2006.

As you can see in this shot of the wall space above where I write, the calendar is still kinda rolled up at the bottom – gravity needs to takes its toll. Also notice the Kago Ai and W posters on the left, which I’ve had up for months now. The Kago one on the top is from Harumi, a friend who visited us from Japan last summer and a strong contender for godmother to the baby. The W Robokiss I picked it up at the Alo-Hello store back when it was still around.

And yeah, that’s a Post-It note on the Robokiss picture. If I need to remind myself something, placing it near Kago certainly helps.

I guess it was a good thing I was so late in getting the Berryz calendar – or at least not a very bad thing. January / February is Miyabi and Saki, two of my less favorite Berryz. So that means I have only a couple weeks of staring at Miyabi and then it’s two full months of Momoko and Risako!

I took the front page of the calendar and – not wanting to waste this beautiful group shot of the Berryz – taped it up on a door. As my wife helped me do this, she laughed and said, “This place looks like a teenager’s room.” I said, “No, honey, the teenagers are all on the walls.”

For some reason, staring at Berryz on the wall is different from staring at Zone, as I did for most of 2005. The thing that strikes me most isn’t just how beautiful these young ladies are – yes, even Miyabi, sort of – but also how fashionably they dress. I can now spend hours musing on Saki’s red sweater or Miyabi’s camo pants, wondering if it means anything…

Knowing me, it probably does.


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4 Responses to “A Very Berryz 2006”
  1. niji says:

    Hey, thanks for the snaps. I was thinking of ordering a Berryz Koubou 2006 calendar a few weeks ago but changed my mind because I didn’t know how large it is and what it looks like. As much as I like Berryz, I wouldn’t spend 30 bucks on a calendar that would occupy half the height of a door but with pictures less than the size of my palm. I still don’t know if I’ll get one, but at least I’ll have something real to base my decision on the next my hands are sullied by soft greens.

  2. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    hehe. I have the Tsuji version of the poster you have of Kago. I went to Tokyo in September & was surprised that here didn’t seem to be an abundance of Jpop posters in HMV & Tower Records. I found a few shops in Harajuku that just OVERFLOWED with Jpop/idol related posters & I went nuts. The girls at the store looked at me like I was a perv & kept giggling while they were pulling my order which consisted of 2 W posters, a Mari Yaguchi poster, a Nono poster, 2 Morning Musume posters, a BoA poster & the least embarrassing of all for a grown man…a L’arc en ciel poster. sigh. I get crap constantly from my non Jpop friends as they tell me “at our age (29) posters of any kind are inappropriate”

  3. CJ Marsicano says:

    Hehehe. Love that picture of Aibon. I got myself the W calendar for this year – last year I had the W/Berryz one. Aibon and Nono are the hotness in this year’s calendar XD

    Unfortunately (sort of) – the March/April page is just a solo shot of Nono — just the thing to help miss Aibon during this black, Kago-less period. 🙁 Aibon’s is right afterward.

  4. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    March/April would be my banner months….