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Oh, man, I am one – lucky- bastard! I stopped at Hakubundo today to see if they had the new Rip Slyme single – they didn’t, which surprised me since they’ve been good about having Rip Slyme albums. Then again, it could have been sold out in the past two days.

Anyways, I then went to Nippon Video to buy some AV DVDs when I saw this on their wall of photobooks: a Wink photobook called Winkissimo. Holy cow! You better believe I held onto it for dear life.

I like Wink a lot. I really like listening to them and I absolutely love looking at pictures of them. Sachiko and Shoko may have had their heyday back before a single Berryz was even conceived, but that only shows how timeless their particular idol charm has become.

The subtitle of this book is “Hawaii, L.A. and Others Days”. Thus, one nifty thing about this photobook is that it shows how one can wear long, flowy skirts in any setting. Not just well-appointed living rooms and gardens, but at canyons and deserts and railroad tracks and anywhere else.

By today’s idol standards, I guess this photobook would seem staid and old-fashioned. The two Wink ladies are dressed up in various outfits, looking quite mature and often quite serious. There’s some candid pictures on a couple pages but otherwise the shots are very posed, very self-conscious. Nothing racy, nothing that’s archly “fun” – just a lot of shots of Wink being Wink.
And yet it works beautifully because these ladies are so interestesting to look at, so compelling in their idol personae. Sachiko and Shoko are playing roles and they bring a conviction to those roles that’s evident in the way they dress, the settings they choose, the demeanor they assume. Wink isn’t just the two beautiful young ladies who sing and dance, but a concept that surrounds them and defines their presentation.

There’s some hot tub pictures of the girls, very tasteful. Of course, there’s no bikini shots in the book, which isn’t surprising given the image of classy European divas that they worked so hard to project.

I love Sachiko. I love Sachiko, I love Sachiko, I love Sachiko. And you just darn well go to heck if you can’t understand why – I love Sachiko.

I’m not sure why she provokes such a reaction in me, this overwhelming devotion that’s earnest and gleeful and unthinking. Maybe it’s that weird Swiss Miss hat she wore in the “Samashii Nettaigyo” PV. Maybe it’s the smile, measured out in coffee spoons, or the fact that they don’t airbrush the wrinkles from her face. There’s a wonderful character to her face, gentle and at times mournful and very very classy.

Ah, Sachiko…

Oh, yeah – Shoko’s great, too.

To my delight, my Winkissimo luck continued when I opened the book and found a foldout poster! On the one side was Sachiko…

And as expected, Shoko on the other side. It would’ve been nice to actually have had both women on one side – or both women on this side – but maybe this was a way for people to buy two copies of the book.

Here’s the back cover, of the two walking down a railroad track – I’m guessing in America. And still with the long, flowy skirts.

I have some favorite photobooks on my shelf that I pore through time and again: the first Tsujikago book, Peaceful dream with 3-nin dream, and of course the big pink second Morning Musume group photobook (from the post-Asuka / pre-Gocchin era). This one’s going to get as much attentive care as those others.

This has nothing to do with Wink, but the wife took pictures of the cat sleeping and I figured I might as well share this one. She’s a cute little feline princess, isn’t she?


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  1. mizer_unmei says:

    Hey, they’re smiling on the cover! Yay, Wink is the awesomeness. I didn’t expect them to have as many photobooks as I now assume they had! And the one original album I got to get has a really nice extra booklet full of pictures. I’m sure that was standard too… but they do take really pretty pictures, so I’m not complaining.