Sunday Blog Roundup: Wapiko Returns, Thea Revamps, and Asuka’s Fifteen

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The big Jpop blogging news this week: Wapiko is back! Musings of a Fangirl returns with a focus on Jdoramas. She also helpfully provides two summaries of the highly popular Nana manga: a short-ish version and a long-ish one. She’s as sharp as ever – witty, funny, smart. What you expect from Wapi when she blogs.

Running a close second for the week is the massive revamping and WordPressing of Thea’s Made in Paradise, now at a new domain and sporting a cute new look. She also does a great job of celebrating Hinoi Asuka’s birthday with a great selection of photos, a brief history, and even downloads! She even got Asuka a cake to help celebrate.

Myself, I also wanted to celebrate Asuka’s birthday… but you know, it’s not like she’s Haruna or Chinami, so I was a tad lazy…

Anyway… I wasn’t in the mood for cake so my wife got a one-person apple pie. (She suggested cherry at first, which shows how well she knows Hinochi. That said, I really wanted apple when I began thinking pie.) And we didn’t have any birthday candles, so we used this big aroma candle that was sitting around. And we didn’t have matches or a lighter since neither of us smokes, so the candle went unlit…

But hey! Happy 15th, Asuka, and we wish you many more! (And I swear to God I’ll do better at the next idol birthday. Depending on who it is.)

The coverage on Kouhaku continued in the first part of the week: Thea of Made in Paradise gave a very thoughtful look at the night from a fangirl’s perspective, Freya of Ai no Tane focused on the H!P medley, while I found a blog called Mizu-Kioku.Net which paid a very amusing look at the Showa Medley. At Koppie Dip!!, bagofpeanuts looks at the rest (that is H!P-less part) of Kouhaku and Karakui has news on the most popular performance of the evening while The Queenie Takitty pays attention to its favorite idol on that evening.

On Stuck In A Pagoda With Motoko Aoyama, CJ gives his Top 10 Albums of 2005 with a nice mix of Jpop and American music. (But what the hell is Jello Biafra doing with the Melvins?) Meanwhile, Furusato Chronicles has its Top 20 Songs for 2005 – the interesting part is how it’s not all songs from 2005 but top songs listened to in 2005, making the list more personal. If I had to do a list like that, it’d be a lot harder for me, too wide open to narrow down…

Looking towards the future, ikimasshoi has news about the addition of a new member to C-Ute! Santos of Idolizing St. Anna not only breaks news of Hard Gay’s upcoming Village People cover song, he also discusses the new drama where dream’s Hasebe Yu plays a Kyabakura hostess and then screencaps the highly suggestive first episode. Santos also bids farewell to the hot pants of Parago’s Rika, a kind of sadness with which I can sympathize.

Looking back to the past, Madara of Madara Blog considers Tsunku’s agenda by examining lyrics from Morning Musume’s Golden Age. He also looks at a New York Times article on kawaii, which Go of jrocknyc also considers – albeit in a more personal fashion. Speaking of which, Go reminds me yet again of why I love reading his concert reviews, making me laugh out loud with this particular three-word judgment: "It was excremental!" Read it, and be glad you didn’t witness what he witnessed.

Johnny of The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory provides his usual mix of facts, screencaps, and videos with some Tsujikago episodes of Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons. Speaking of which, at the new J-Pop CD Cover Art, HANABI.1984 provides loads of new covers: among other things there’s a series with W – including my favorite, the one for Robokiss – and a whole slew of hitomi. Worth looking at especially is Koda Kumi’s weekly singles, as we find the first three on the site: You, Birthday Eve, and D.D.D. featuring Soulhead. There’s a fun, kinky feel to all these – self-aware cosplay cheesecake with a born vamp.

On the eyecandy front, Cute Cosplay Angels has another batch of Ogura Yuko mirror pictures while Idols Unlimited has Fujimoto Miki’s Cheri photobook. On the Korean revenge drama front, Akiramike of HamsapSukebe gives an informative look at Lady Vengeance. On a non-Jpop note, here’s something I found particularly inspiring: Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground has 10 resolutions for blogging which offer some great tips and solid reminders.

And lastly, you’ll see the return of the on the main page for Cult of Pop. I took it down a long time ago – sometime in the summer – when it began to act glitchy and kept meaning to put it back up but never got around to it. But now it’s back and hopefully it’ll stay. Just choose the Pop-Up option so that you can browse different pages while still listening to this fine selection of music.


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7 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Wapiko Returns, Thea Revamps, and Asuka’s Fifteen”
  1. niji says:

    And lastly, you’ll see the return of the on the main page for Cult of Pop.

    I was wondering what pushed the floating menu bar down once again.

  2. CJ Marsicano says:

    What is Jello Biafra doing with the Melvins?

    Making some of the best music he’s done since his collab with D.O.A. or, dare I say it, his Dead Kennedys days, that’s what. 🙂

  3. Wapiko says:

    Oh Ray, you flatter me ^-^*;

    You know, that apple pie looks mighty good.

    And holy crap, you have a radio blog? Sheez! Gonna have to try that out. =D

  4. Wapiko says:

    Oh, and the next idol birthday…don’t know if you’re a fan, but Ichikawa Yui turns 20 this year.

    My god. 20. x_x

    Anyway, it’ll be on February 10th.

  5. crs says:

    hi ray-
    I took some time off to figure out if I wanted to keep blogging about japanese pop. I guess I do, but my entries are going to be much more korean pop-centric than before. you’re free to add my lj ( to feedofpop if you want, but if it’s not jpoppish enough, it’s fine if you leave it off. i just finished my first post on my new journal–more lists, if you can stomach them, haha.

    happy belated holidays~

  6. Nice Asuka says:

    Hinoi Asuka’s 15th birthday? Seriously?

    Think of baseball…

  7. niji:

    Just be glad I haven’t brought back my blogpet. Yet.


    You’re making me feel like a Dinosaur – and I don’t mean J Mascis. (Or maybe I do…)


    Maybe I can celebrate Ichikawa’s birthday, not with cake, but a pair of ripe melons?


    Hey! Great to have you back! I’ve already got you linked here and your feed on Feed of Pop… what the heck, you’ve written about groups in Korea and Japan I didn’t care about but still made it VERY interesting, so any blog from you is always welcome. Besides, your take on Tsunku’s judgment is hilarious.

    Nice Asuka:

    Think of baseball for three more years.