Sunday Blog Roundup: crs Returns, Twiss Returns, and AAA Goes Bowling

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My fondness for crs’ writing on undoing the mercator projection had been a long-standing truism of these Sunday Blog Roundups and when that blog disappeared for a while, I hoped quite vocally it would return. Patience has now paid off, as crs has a new LiveJournal site, 28hundred hours! She debuts in style with a whole bunch of year-end lists, and in a post this weekend initiates a review rating system based on Berryz Koubo’s Miyabi and considers the latest Berryz single for review. So not only is it crs, it’s crs covering Berryz!

Also in the New and Returning departments, Twiss resumes Sekushii Biimu with a highly screencapped – and very funny – look at Koharu’s Dokyu. Eden also resumes, providing its coverage of Johnny’s with two posts – here and here – on episodes of the renamed G no Arashi. And a blog I discovered this week is the usagi incidents, which covers all kinds of popular culture both eastern and western. Among this week’s posts is a favorite topic of mine, the Top 10 Celebrity Girlfriends!

Among the tried and true, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna looks at an appearance of the new members of dream on Utakata. Made in Paradise has a new co-blogger on board, and Sally starts off with a bang by giving 5 reasons why Girl’s Box ~Best Hits Compilation Winter~ did not so greatly. Thea continues to blog, of course, and gives us all the details when AAA goes bowling. Both of these Avex-centric blogs have interesting Hinoi Team posts as well, with Thea looking at Keika’s English skills and Santos covers Hinochi’s second straight Music Fighter appearance without Koriki

Ai no Tane’s Freya has news about Yasuda Kei’s absence in the upcoming H!P sports festival, while Madara of Madara Blog asks why there aren’t Jpop movie musicals. Over at Musings of a Fangirl, Wapiko takes a very steady, well-reasoned shot at fangirls who know nothing about their idols. She also gives us an insightful peek at her favorite albums. Koppie Dip!!’s bagofpeanuts takes a walk down memory lane to provide a detailed look at the now-infamous Mechaike Bakajo Test.

At the mighty HampsapSukebe, Akiramike takes a two-part look at Kouhaku – here and here – and why it’s re-ignited his love of Jpop. His love of Jdoramas continues unabated, though, as he takes an entertaining look at the first episode of Nurse Aoi. Halcali day by day’s jariten has news of Halcali’s next single, while Morning Scene has news of Japan Nite at this year’s South by Southwest festival and ikimasshoi’s itachi808 provides his weekly reviews of Oricon Sales and Japan TV ratings

Go of jrocknyc has a review of Danger Gang’s new album and looks at the wackiness that is Kana. At The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory, Johnny provides a whole bunch of new videos, including W, Tommys February6 and Heavenly6, and Zone. Your Opinion Doesn’t Count has some very nice Charmy eyecandy as well as a downloadable Nakanomori Band PV for their J-Music Clip of the Week. And as always, there’s a flurry of wonderful new scans at HANABI.1984’s J-Pop CD Cover Art, including a Rina Aiuchi series (with this sexy picture standing out), another hot Amuro Namie cover, and numbers four and five in Koda Kumi’s weekly singles (that’s Brazil and China). And speaking of cute girls, Cute Cosplay Angels has some before-and-after Ogura Yuko shots you may want to look at – as well as some racy Oikawa Nao photos.

Last but not least, on the Olympic front Beth of Paint It Gold gives a run-down on American and Japanese Women’s Figure Skating – the only event I can imagine myself watching, except maybe the luge.


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  1. Wapiko says:

    I’d been meaning to ask you to add Molly’s blog (the usagi incidents) to the feed but I can’t remember now if I suggested to her to ask you or what. xD;

    God I procrastinate.