Sunday Blog Roundup: Madara! Madara! Madara!, the New J-Pop CD Cover Art, and Kouhaku Coverage

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The New Year seems to be a good time for fresh starts and pastures new, to badly paraphrase Milton.

First and foremost, there’s Madara Blog, by a relatively new fan of Morning Musume who’s full of thoughts on his new interest. Those of you who read the MM-BBS are familiar with his musings; those who aren’t are in for a treat. Madara’s not your typical Momusu fan, and he brings a very articulate voice and appropriately broad perspective to the appeal Tsunku’s creations have on him.

Meanwhile, J-Pop CD Cover Art has grown! HANABI.1984 has moved his uniquely delightful site out of Blogger and onto its own WordPress-driven domain. The best part about the blog’s new digs is that the pictures are now in categories, so you can locate your favorite artist with ease.

Koppie Dip!! is another new Jpop blog, with two very nice screencap entries: Hello! Project’s Kouhaku medley and the Music Station Super Live 2005. At the mighty HamsapSukebe, Akiramike takes his own look at Hello! Project’s medley on Kouhaku while Karakui gives its own list of the five best performances on this year’s Kouhaku. TSP of Morning Musumer Forever has a nice animated GIF of Nacchi and Reina from Kouhaku. And on a related note, Sam of ikimasshoi dispels rumors about Morning Musume breaking up sometime this year.

Insyte’s Insights has some great screencaps: the Haromoni skit featuring both an armed-and-dangerous (and very, very sexy) Tsuji and a poo-flinging Mikitty bluebird of happiness; and some shots on the making of Def. Diva’s album cover. At Am I right to say that?, there’s a clip of 3rd Gen Morning Musume and SMAP singing a Christmas song together and a 2005 retrospective mixing Jpop and Western music, including a list of five favorite Jpop clips. Johnny of The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory looks at all the current members of Coconuts Musume – okay, that just means Ayaka, but he does a nice write-up on Ayaka and her main contribution to H!P history, her Surprise English Lessons. And as always with Johnny, there’s some very pretty pictures of the subject and some videos for your viewing pleasure.

Santos of Idolizing St. Anna not only provides the results of his Jpop Idols Awards, but also has a very cute picture of 3-nin SweetS in kimonos, ringing in the New Year as well as coverage of the Girl’s Box Winter concert finale. Santos also looks at dream’s Erie Abe revealing her half-Korean heritage, which Thea of Made in Paradise follows up on with her own thoughts. Thea also looks at the possibility of another new girl group emerging, providing some insights on possible behind-the-scenes manuevers. One of Avex’s other stars, Ayumi something-or-other, has released a single that Rinoa of Channel-Ai examines and provides downloads for – oh, yeah, it’s Hamasaki Ayumi and it’s Bold & Delicious / Pride. And at, some news of a BoA Lookalike Sex Tape – which I wouldn’t bring up except, you know, the idea of BoA having sex on-camera is pretty enticing, even for a non-fan like me.

Perhaps feeling nostalgic, Go of jrocknyc reposts some highly entertaining, older blog entries, including The Infamous Kagrra Handshake Event. I especially like the part about the Natsumi Abe pin, but the whole post is wonderfully written and very funny. Enjoy the hell out of it, people. Akiramike not only looked at Kouhaku, he also gives three reasons why to live on the island of Ruri no Shima. Also on the Jdorama front, Jason of Channel-Ai gives an overview of 1 Litre of Tears. Cute Cosplay Angels has some lovely photos of Yuko Ogura surrounded by mirrors – the pink bikini shot is especially fetching – while Idols Unlimited has a very nice selection of new Hoshino Aki photobook pics.

And here’s a couple of blogs that aren’t strictly Jpop-related, best as I can tell, but think you should consider. First is Cult of Pop commentator C J Marsicano’s Stuck In A Pagoda With Motoko Aoyama. (I remember the Tricia Toyota original, so I thought the title was funny.) Reading through this LJ Journal, I found a fondness for early Sonic Youth (many years ago, I had an altar in my apartment centering on the flaming pumpkin-head scarecrow of Bad Moon Rising) and found it a fun, engaging read overall. Also, there’s Furusato Chronicles, which links back to me and some other Jpop blogs near and dear to my heart. It’s been updated sporadically – not a bad thing in itself – and given the title and its blogrolling pedigree, I anticipate some Jpop writing to pop up sooner or later…


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  1. CJ Marsicano says:

    Whoa. Ray, did you friend yourself on my LJ yet? Most of my entries (especially some of my spiels on all things music, J-Pop included) are friends-only, but with the pub I’m apparently getting I’m going to be going back to public entries for a lot of things, as well as reverting a lot of those items back to public status. Thank you very much for the link.

  2. Hey CJ:

    I actually don’t have an LJ account yet, but now I’ll get one!