Ooh, Berryz, I think I love you / From head to toe…

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For the past couple weeks, I’ve been staring at U15 feet. And I thought I’d share the experience with you.

I have a Berryz wallpaper based on the above photo – and if anyone is looking for really nice H!P Kids wallpapers, this is a great place to look. This picture delights me to no end, since it has all the girls in a row, and they all look quite precious, and there are blankets to warm their legs but their feet are poking out.

It’s not that I have a foot fetish – well, not any more (and when I did, it wasn’t that big a deal) – but this is a very charming, nicely symmetrical shot. And it gives us a chance to examine the Berryz from top to bottom! Or at the very top and the very bottom, at least…

Maasa’s feet are large – relatively speaking to the others, which is the only way we can measure this – but are well-formed and quite adorable. I also love her shoulders in this picture.

Saki’s feet are as tiny as she is. Certainly, if one was to give in to cannibalistic impulses, hers would be the closest to buffalo wings. Not that I think of food when I look at feet, I’m just saying…

Miyabi’s feet are about the size one would expect,though it looks like one is bigger than the other. I have to admit, she looks quite good in this picture – some shots she looks real good, others she doesn’t. This is one of the real good ones.

Risako has surprisingly long feet, it looks like. I’d have never guessed it. I’m sure the rest of her will catch up over time.

Momoko (O Momoko) also has long feet, again surprising since she’s one of the shorter Berryz. I really like how she’s sitting, though, with one shoulder higher than the other, like she’s ready to pounce or something.

Yurina’s feet are the only ones being shown off at a skewed angle, but they don’t look all that big given she’s one of the twin towers of Berryz.

Maiha’s feet are remarkably… tan. Orangey. But so is the rest of Maiha in this picture. One can only assume a bottle of lotion and a very thorough application were involved. As usual, there’s a bit of reserve in her – smiling but not too much.

Chinami’s feet are kind of tan, but not like Maiha. A bit spotty with a meaty whiteness in the middle, which leads me to believe her tan was gained naturally… or she didn’t apply it as evenly as Maiha. Her feet also seem kind of bulging at the side, or maybe I’m just imagining it? I like the tilt of her head and of course she’s showing off one of the best smiles in all of Jpop idol-dom.

Now I’m thinking about the feet of other idols. Are dream’s feet sexier? Are Morning Musume’s feet more interchangeable? Are Hinoi Team’s feet decorated with special pedicure touches? Well, it’s better than contemplating Irie Saaya’s F-cup goodies…


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4 Responses to “Ooh, Berryz, I think I love you / From head to toe…”
  1. k2c says:

    Haha it’s only a matter of time until you inspire a Can You Name That Idol’s Feet Generator to go along with all these Can You Name This Idol stuff

  2. Tsuji_Eriku says:

    It gives me comfort knowing I’m not the only one. hehe

  3. To saki shimizu I Love You says:

    I love saki shimizu she is hot i wish to marry saki shimizu because i love her and i wish she was my girlfriend right now.

  4. Craig says:

    LOL how come when u do this everyone loves you? ROFLMAO