Odds & Ends: 5nin SweetS, H!P Kickball

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A couple of recent news I’ve got some thoughts on…

First, according to Idolizing St. Anna and their official site, SweetS’ next single will feature all five girls.

Oddly, I’m ambivalent about this, mostly because of 3nin SweetS. On the one hand, I really didn’t like "On the Way" – it was tepid and boring. On the other hand, I was truly hoping that 3nin SweetS would’ve had a chance to prove themselves with a second, considerably better single. Haruna’s a vocal powerhouse, but Miori and Mai would still shine better with the smaller formation.

That said, Aki and Aya will be back! That makes me very happy, almost giddy. Haruna’s my favorite but I find myself more interested in Aya and how she’s clearly becoming one of the greatest idols of her age bracket… Looks and personality and especially that vocal talent. It may just be a matter of time – probably waiting for her to turn sixteen – before solo side projects happen for her.

Of course, the return I most anticipate has yet to happen. Where the heck is Bounceback? Let them write more songs for these girls! Or even re-release "Into the Daylight" and "Tear Lemon Drop" as singles and see if they catch the public’s interest. Now that the loli vibe isn’t nowhere as strong, we may be surprised at how the quality of these songs won’t be overshadowed by the image.

And despite my current Berryz mania, I’m still a SweetS fan. Maybe a bit agnostic about it right now, but the power of their older material – and that wonderful first photobook – is more than enough to remind me of why I love them.

Second, there’s apparently a Hello! Project Kickball team forming in conjunction with the Rakuten Eagles and Kago Ai will be its captain.

And to this I say: what the hell? Apparently, this will be mainly children playing with some adults, so I’m expecting Eggs and C-Ute to be involved. But why Kago? Has she shown leadership skills in the past, am I missing something? (It’s not as weird as Sayumi mentoring Koharu, though.) Or are they just trying to fit more physical activity in her schedule in a misguided attempt to slim her down?

At any rate, it does tend to bring home a point I made just last night, that Tsuji and Kago are growing up and taking on role model behavior as a result. If there were any karma in the world, Kago will have to deal with a pair of incorrigible players who’ll give her a hard time and drive her crazy while looking cute doing so.

Of course, I’d be a little more excited if Berryz were involved in this new team – and they may be, who knows nowadays – but it’ll be interesting to see how this develop. Though if I just want to see a Berryz sweat, I can watch their latest DVD concert.


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  1. Curt Last says:

    I think they need to do a holiday show on Guam on July 4th–that would be a comeback–and I’d love to show them around the island.