Favorite PVs of 2005: Honorable Mentions

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Before starting on the proper Top Ten of Favorite PVs, I figure I’d mention some of those which didn’t quite make the cut but had a chance of inclusion. Some of these would have been included in the Top Ten but simply didn’t fit; others were great PVs but suffered from a flaw or two (in my opinion, of course). So in alphabetical order, here’s the Honorable Mentions:

Dream, “Kono Natsu ga Owaru Maeni”. I did a write-up of this PV in Version 1.0 and made fun of its quickly dated conceit… That said, it’s a great song and this PV probably had the best plot of any PV this year. It takes a little while to unpack what exactly happens, but it’s so worth it. And I still tear up when I see the hands of the star-crossed lovers touch…

Halcali, “Tip Taps Tip”. The return of Halcali was highly anticipated by many, and this song surprised most of us… This is a beautiful, haunting song with a PV that’s cryptic and fun at the same time. The main reason it didn’t make Top Ten was simple traction: I love it, and it’s going to grow on me, but at this point it hasn’t ingrained itself as deeply as the PVs that did make the Top Ten.

Harenchi Punch, “Megaphone”. Another PV which suffered from lack of traction and very little else. I love this PV a great deal – the song keeps getting better and better, the plot in the PV is actually quite touching, and the girls get cuter with every viewing. But again, it hasn’t been as much of a must view as what did make the Top Ten. That said, I’m looking forward to anything and everything from Harenchi Punch for 2006.

Morning Musume, “Osaka Koi no Uta”. I actually love this song and think this PV is gorgeous. I kind of talked about it when discussing the Kremlinology of Momusu, but it’s a fascinating video beyond those terms. The use of the red-and-white color scheme is well-handled, the spinning-name CG effect is something I like a lot (I know there are those who think it’s horribly cheesey), and the girls look beautiful throughout. The problem for me is that the PV as a whole didn’t cohere as well as it could have – there was a concept of some sort, but it seems spread over too many variations.

On a side note, the “Chokkan 2” Close-Up PV didn’t make the Top Ten either. I love the PV to bits, but mostly for how it makes me think about the ladies of Morning Musume, not on its own merits as a video. The normal version of the PV fares even worse, if only because it’s too much concert footage and not enough costume footage for my taste.

Otsuka Ai, “Smily”. Another PV that received in-depth treatment, I still find it a whole lot of fun… but tired of watching it sometime in the Fall. I still smile when I watch it, but it now has a faint whiff of kitsch to it.

That said, I should give special mention to the PV for “Neko ni Fuusen”, a very strange and haunting and beautiful video that perfectly matches the song.

SweetS, “Mienai Tsubasa”. Hey, that’s Kalakaua Avenue, right across from the camera shop and the police station, maybe three blocks from where I was working at the time. Anyway, this song is magnificent – the first non-Bounceback song that made me believe in SweetS’ musical greatness all over again. That alone made it a contender for the Top Ten…

That said, the PV is a mixed bag for me. Watching SweetS on Oahu no longer stings as much as it did, but in this encapsulated version it doesn’t interest me all that much, either. If I want to watch SweetS in Hawaii, the Wings of My Heart DVD has the full story – and packs a bigger kawaii kick as a result. The all-dance version of the PV also falls short by being fun but monotonous.

As far as SweetS PVs go, visually “Countdown” was the most fun and engaging this year… but the song is one of the weakest singles they’ve had, which discounted it from the Top Ten. Even with the kickass dance solos.

Next: #10 is the only selection to not feature a female music act.


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3 Responses to “Favorite PVs of 2005: Honorable Mentions”
  1. niji says:

    Ray doesn’t want to get writing withdrawal. Heheh… No matter, keep ’em coming, cowboy. I can read faster than you type stuff down. LOL

  2. Alice says:

    My favorite PV of the year is probably Planetarium by Ai Otsuka. I can’t get over how beautiful I think this song and PV are (despite the fact that I’ve watched something like 10 different Planetarium performances in the past week).

  3. Wapiko says:

    And surprisingly enough, I hadn’t seen any of those you listed. @_@