2005: Look Back in Languor

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Okay, 2005 is now very much over, kaput, dead. So it’s time to pick over the corpse of the year past and see if there’s anything tasty left to munch on. I’m going to spend this week looking at my 10 Favorite PVs of 2005 (each PV getting its own entry) as well as Top 10 Jpop News Stories and whatever else comes to mind… maybe Top 10 Jpop Geinou, though I’d be tempted to have Momoko in nine of the ten slots. (Chinami would have the tenth.) I was going to do Top 10 PVs Best Served By A Mute Button, but that seems a bit too snarky, even for me.

We’ll begin with a look at the blog itself. When I started Cult of Pop I didn’t expect it to become this monstrosity of overbaked theory, screencapped madness, and rampant rorikon jokes. I was originally aiming for something broader in scope, more genteel in tone, and measured in its judgments. Well, fuck that sideways. I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out, nasty little beast that CoP is, and pleased with the direction it’s now headed (which is apparently hell in a handbasket via Kalakaua).

Anyway, Althouse, one of my favorite non-Jpop blogs, had the nifty idea of choosing a post from each month in 2005 as a snapshot of that time. So here’s my version – Cult of Pop 2005 in Twelve Easy Posts.

January: The first full month of Cult of Pop (I debuted at the very end of December 2004). Originally, this blog was going to cover a wide swath of pop culture, including comics and books and whatever else got my attention. That said, Jpop was always a big concern. I start off light and sporadic in my blogging, as Morning Daughters to Morning Mothers theorizes an alternate approach to the Love Machine Curse.

February: Hasebe Yu’s Idol Video is the first really long, meandering post that attempts to create some grand theory of all things idol-y. 

March: Hello! Morning 251: The Faghagging of Momusu, A Heart Like A Ferret, Food Envy, and Loving the 6th Gen… Well, the title pretty much sums up that one, doesn’t it? It was this month that I went from sporadic postings to a more regular, almost-daily schedule.

April: Zone’s Last Song provokes me to put up screencaps for the first time. It would only be a matter of time when the pics would overwhelm the blog.

May: I ask How Gifted Is Saaya? as an excuse to put up pictures of her and Hoshino Aki. Discovering that any time I put up new pictures of Saaya, traffic on my site increases considerably, I give the people what they want – and give myself an excuse to think about the eleven-year-old H-cup wonder way too much.

June: Why Jpop? Part Four: Kawaii Sexy Kakoii is probably my favorite entry in the eight-part series, and I’m still pretty happy with the concepts sketched out in "Why Jpop?" overall.

July: Not only do I start doing extensive examinations of PVs such as Making Sense of Amuro Namie’s "Wo Wa", the Sunday Blog Roundups begin this month, paving the way for what soon follows…

August: The debut of Feed of Pop! Having spent a mere eight months in the blogosphere, I decided to set up this aggregate for English-language Jpop blogs. I also make the switch over from Blogger to WordPress at this point, which should’ve happened so much earlier. The switch to WordPress also effectively ends my efforts to write about anything but Jpop on this blog.

September: This month the postings weren’t as regular as before, but they’re a whole lot more… substantive? Well, longer, at least. Along with the debut of the Science of Hello! Project series (there’s at least three more waiting to be done, I promise!), I cave in and finally admit there’s only one idol for me: Momoko O Momoko. The poem somehow catches the attention of Berryz fans in Japan and doubles the monthly traffic on the site… in one day. Japanese otakus suddenly fill me with awe and wonder.

October: I start the month off with the Hello! Project Unit Generator, as the site takes on new dimensions of weirdness.

November: Not content with eating turkey and watching parades, I decide to do a series of ten "Thankful For" blog entries on Thanksgiving Day, culminating in another poem, Thankful for Jpop 10: Sweet Chinami. And as you all know now, I included a secret surprise to go with that gem.

December: Lacking the time to properly go through a planned member-by-member examination of the Chokkan 2 Close-up PV (which I promise I’ll finish in the next week), I decide to post along a more personal nature since it’s faster and perhaps equally entertaining. This culminates in The TMI Post, which details just how far I’d go to shock the people around me.


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  1. Akiramike says:

    How gifted is Sayaa? You need to put some Sayaa clips on your site and watch the hits come in. 🙂