Sunday Blog Roundup: Peer-Reviewed Berryz, Berryz on the Move, and More Irresponsible T-Shirts

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"Mele Kalikamaka, motherfuckers!" Which is the proper greeting if you want to both wish someone Merry Christmas in Hawaiian and get your ass kicked in. But the last part you probably already figured out. Anyway, it’s been a great week of Jpop blogging, and there’s lots of goodness out there. That said, not one but two bloggers have rung the Pavlovian bell that currently makes me salivate.

To wit, Lainay of Channel-Ai does an excellent – and I mean excellent! – career overview of Berryz Koubo. This is my favorite Channel-Ai piece so far, well thought-out and insightful, fair-minded and a great read. All this, along with MP3 downloads and shots of the girls in ugly orange school outfits, wielding various implements of violence! Who could ask for anything more? (Also of interest is the revelation that blogger Lainay’s only 13 – holy crap, I didn’t write that well at her age! I’d been assuming a voice as assured as hers was considerably older, but that just shows how little I know.)

So, that seemed like a lock for my favorite blog entry this past week… And then Renzeta of Sagaliminal punched me hard in the groin. Twice. Then kicked me in the teeth for good measure. All of which is metaphorical, as he wrote an equally enjoyable – and equally Berryz-centric – examination of the choreography on the girls’ most recent PV, "Gyagu 100kai Bun Aishite Kudasai". He gives names to moves that really shouldn’t be moves – my favorite is Pout and Stomp – while providing a cornucopia of screencaps. I was dismayed to find Renzeta taking issue with the "nonyu nonyu" part… after all, it is Chinami we’re talking about, so that should make it above reproach of any sort. But at least he provided two shots of her uttering that memorable line.

So both of these entries were my favorite this week. Check them out. Twice. 

There’s been a good deal of other, slightly less interesting – because Berryz-less – H!P blogging as well this week. Mark at ikimasshoi posts the rumored track list for Morning Musume’s upcoming seventh album. Beth of Paint it Gold devotes most of the week to Kamei Eri’s best moments – here, here, here, and here – with lots of nice pictues and downloads to celebrate her seventeenth birthday. Miki-Sama has moved Miki’s Sorcery out of Blogger and renamed it Deepest Thoughts and put up the Chokkan 2 Close-Up PV on COLORS. Cute Cosplay Angels returns with more photos of Morning Musume’s sixth generation as well as photos of Yaguchi Mari.

But there’s even more! At The Queenie Takitty, photos of Miz Takahashi at the Music Station Super Live Special. Insyte’s Insights has some nice screencaps of Morning Musume’s Miracle Concert, Reina in her rapping kitty outfit, and some cute shots of Ueto Aya in concert. And at Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, a nice picture of Christmas Musumes, an impassioned plea regarding Tanaka Reina’s feet, and some concern about putting up Hello! Project posters in one’s home.

And the year-end looks back at 2005 continues, as well. Akiramike of the mighty HampsapSukebe looks at major events in Jpop this past year, including Zone’s breakup and the tumult with Morning Musume. Go of jrocknyc declares his Mini-Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Album of the Year, and the innovative Album of the Year from Last Year that I Didn’t Hear til This Year. At Aaron-Sama, a blog I’d never read before, I found a nice Tribute to Zone with shots from their last concert.

In other corners of the Jpop blogosphere, Santos of Idolizing St. Anna worries about a Koriki-less performance by Hinoi Team on Music Fighter – and mentions another bout of Inappropriate T-Shirt Wearing – and has a live report of SweetS’ Christmas concert. I remember SweetS, they were that group I listened to before Momoko and Chinami took over my life…

Jarret of I’m bad at naming things finally gives Otsuka Ai a break and caves in on buying a radio. At The Blog That Will Change Everything, sabaku.ika lets Zwei’s new video speak for itself. (I like the toilet.) J-Pop CD Cover Art’ HANABI.1984 gives us all six of Beni Arashiro’s singles covers and her first album cover. Two observations: the first cover is the sexiest, and… she’s had six singles? Holy crap! That’s like double the output of the rest of Bishoujo Club however-many-there-are-now. At Halcali DAY BY DAY, jariten notes that the rapping duo are back in the studio.

And as the last Sunday Blog Roundup of the year, lemme say that it’s been great fun reading your blogs. It’s been nice seeing all the new blogs pop up and the range of opinions and approaches widen incrementally. I also hope some of those who’ve dropped out of sight – I’m thinking Alice, Phil, and especially crs – will return to the blogosphere in the new year. I miss you guys!


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6 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Peer-Reviewed Berryz, Berryz on the Move, and More Irresponsible T-Shirts”
  1. Alice says:

    Yeah I’m thinking about it, but I don’t know that I have the ego necessary to write my opinions about stuff publicly really (given my complete lack of background knowledge on Japan’s culture, customs and way of life).

    Also, you were totally right. The Chokkan 2 Close Up PV is the best, most interesting, Momusu PV I’ve seen all year, and maybe even longer than that.

  2. niji says:

    And then Renzata of Sagaliminal punched me hard in the groin. Twice. Then kicked me in the teeth for good measure. All of which is metaphorical, as he wrote an equally enjoyable – and equally Berryz-centric [TRUNCATED]

    Glad someone likes it. To tell the truth, I almost didn’t post that article. That was supposed to be a filler article while I was finishing an incredibly long review article for a long list of otaku-oriented stuff. Summarily, the whole process went on like this: I couldn’t concentrate on the long review so I decided to stop writing the filler article; I still couldn’t concentrate on the non-filler article so I continued working on the filler just so I can say I’m doing something; the filler article gets done relatively easily — I write filler articles at a much faster rate, which is prolly because I don’t really care how those turn out and so I just type whatever comes to mind; I realized that there was no way that I’ll ever finish writing the long article because the topic — topics, to be precise — was ultimately contrived and accordingly, so was the venture it served; I scrapped the longer article (which proved to be much shorter than my filler despite the almost 1 full month I spent planning and writing it) and posted the filler as a main entry instead. Not an interesting story — not to mention redundant — but I’m feeling mighty talkative right now. Heheh…

  3. niji says:

    …double post…

    I noticed just now that you called me Renzata. *sad*


    And by the way, like Miyabi, I’m not a direct fan of Chinami either. That’s why she got shot for “nonyu.” If that was Risako though, I prolly would’ve given the song a more biased and less objective review. *wink wink*

  4. santos26 says:

    Haruna will feel sad if she knows that she lost one fan in Hawaii…lol.

  5. Hi Alice:

    Don’t think of it as ego, think of it as… um… obsessive mania! At least, that’s what fuels my own writing. And besides, you’ve been able to teach me a few things over the past year, especially on parts of Japanese culture I didn’t know about (i.e., the Gothic Lolita stuff and H!P).


    Wow, your composition process is as convoluted as mine. I feel better.

    And I corrected your other name – mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!


    You know, if she had just dropped by my home or my place of work back at the end of March, I’d be her fan forever and ever…

    Actually, I still like SweetS a great deal, but a solid new single from the 3-nin version would help a lot. So would the return of Bounceback.

  6. Lainay says:

    Hi, I just wanna say THANK YOU SO MUCH for that AMAZING “review” thing of my article. You know, it’s really comments from people like you that keep me going. I really appreciate it!! And BTW, don’t worry, I keep a thesaurus at hand for those ginormous words. XD