Sunday Blog Roundup: “Elementary, My Dear Tsunku”

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While I’ve been ignoring my blogging this week in the name of blown freelance deadlines –  it’s been one blown job after another, you might say – I promise: this coming week will be Chokkan 2 (Close-Up) Week. And some other stuff, of course. Meanwhile, the Jpop blogosphere continued to boom with lots of fun and informative reads…

The absolute best blog entry this week comes from Santos of Idolizing St. Anna, who examines the mystery: Which Ai did that crazed Tokyo train conductor yell for? It’s a funny and well thought-out bit of deduction, a kind of otaku Sherlock Holmes in action. In a close second place is Thea of Made in Paradise, who does a brilliant analysis comparing Hinoi Team and Koriki’s "Night of Fire" PV against AAA’s "Dragon Fire" – with a killer observation on costumes at the end. Anything that equates Koriki to AAA has to be recognized and praised,after all. Almost as memorable, Santos gives us a shot of the Chief of the Environmental Agency and Hard Gay at the same award ceremony  then follows up with an answer to the question, "Why Hard Gay?".

And let’s all welcome a new blog by sometime Cult of Pop commentator Freya! The blog is called Ai no Tane and begins with a bang, giving a fond farewell to Eric Kamezou. On a related note, Tsp of Morning Musume Forever is similarly moved by the loss of Kamei’s Maido Airii segment and provides a week of daily animated GIFs in her honor, including this cute one of Eri in a bunny outfit. And here’s a couple other blogs I’ve discovered: Walk Away, which seems devoted to Puffy but also has a fondness for Morning Musume; and Karakui, devoted to Okinawan pop culture.

ikimasshoi renames itself ikiwimasshoi and continues to provide Jpop news – such as the announcement that the upcoming Morning Musume album will come with a photobook! On the old Momusu photobook front, Idols Unlimited gives us pics from Yoshizawa Hitomi’s now classic 8Teen. And in other Jpop news, HALCALI day by day’s jariten continues to keep us all up to date on Halcali, including their upcoming appearance on Music Station and a web-accessible copy of the "Tip Tap Tips" PV.

At dream’s box, montevi gives us an in-depth look at Hasebe Yu’s new calendar – and like him, I prefer Yu in everyday clothes more than bikinis. But you know, take what Hasebe goodness you can get… Channel Ai is back with two solid entries this week: Rinoa takes a look at Suzuki Ami’s return while spellcheck looks at Yui’s "Life". HANABI.1984 of J-Pop CD Cover Art provides a nice variety of scans this week, including Hamasaki Ayumi’s new single "Bold & Delicious"as well as a gorgeous Amuro Namie cover (as if there’s any other kind) and some other former Super Monkeys – I mean, MAX (here, here, and here). And in his continuing The Wisdom of Jpop PV series, sabaku.ika of The Blog That Will Change Everything (Eventually) considers how Utada Hikaru’s "Passion" is a cogent treatise on political measures employing decorative head bags. I especially like how he starts with Niccolo Machiavelli, though you could argue that Visual Kei is all about "It’s better to be feared than loved" while Jpop is all about "It’s better to be drooled over by lonely salarymen than loved".

On the download front, Miki provides dream’s "I Love World" on COLORS, while Your Opinion Doesn’t Count has a J-Music Clip of the Week featuring Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s "Siren" and gaki of has a clipof Yaguchi Mari getting all flustered. On the unusual dieting front, Go of jrocknyc decides to eat like the cavemen and gives us a progress report four days in. On the basketball front, HamsapSukebe’s Akiramike looks longingly at a Desperate Housewife… oh, and on the Jdorama front, he looks at new episodes of Queen’s Classroom and 1 Litre of Tears. On the dangerous eyecandy front, Cute Cosplay Angels graces us with a Sweet Kiss spread with a special focus on Runa – who I always thought looked just a little like Morning Musume’s Reina.

In a good way.

Perhaps in too good a way.

But we won’t go into that right now.

Oh, and one other thing: it isn’t a blog, but I highly highly recommend It’s in Japanese but it provides so much Momoko goodness, I just didn’t care. Since I discovered it a few days ago, it’s provided hours upon hours of pure Momoko pleasure with the eyecandy alone.  Really, I am deeply grateful that there are others out there as obsessed with Jpop’s loveliest little monkey girl as I am. And you should be, too.

Grateful, that is.

It’s up to you if you want to be as obsessed. 


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2 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: “Elementary, My Dear Tsunku””
  1. niji says:

    Near the end of the week, I thought “so it was just a Chokkan 2 Day after all.”

    And Runa looks NOTHING like Shine. Take that back, you big meanie! LOL

  2. Sabaku Ika says:

    Lonely salarymen don’t revolt against their leaders much either. especially when drooling.