Sunday Blog Roundup: The Kouhaku Surprise, 12 Days of Momusu, and one SweetS shirt

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The big news this week is that graduated members of Morning Musume will be performing with current members at Kouhaku. Among those who cover this bit of wonderfulness is Ai no Tane, Idolizing St. Anna, and ikiwimasshoi.

There’s plenty more on the H!P side of the blogosphere, as well. Johnny of The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory is currently doing the 12 Days of Momusu, worth checking out for the wealth of videos and screen shots available on his site. I especially like Day 6, devoted to ZYX, since it’s got Momoko and Megumi. But mostly because of Momoko. At Your Opinion Doesn’t Count, the J-Music Clip of the week is Morning Musume’s "Chokkan 2". Ai no Tane’s Freya gives "Chokkan 2" close examination, comparing it to the original. And Tsp of Morning Musume Forever still misses Yaguchi Mari.

The one-two punch of Made in Paradise and Idolizing St. Anna strike again, as Thea and Santos each take a detailed look at dream’s new PV, "transit – independence-". Thea also looks into a rumor of dream doing thirteen weekly singles next year and provides a strangely sexy photo of Parago’s Risa, while Santos notes a questionable T-shirt worn by Aki of SweetS and the kakkoii jacket that Rika of Parago admired on him! Fucking Great! Meanwhile, dream’s box’s montevi77 looks at the full Giant X-Mas PV.

After months of waiting, jariten of HALCALI day by day sees "Tip Taps Tip" released and gives it a very thoughtful review. The future looks bright for Halcali fans, as the single was #19 with a bullet on the Daily Oricon! Go of jrocknyc not only provides a fun look back at the roots of Christmas, he also gives a live report of a Gilgamesh show and an amusing report on missing out D’s concert that same night.

There’s a whole lot of great eyecandy this week, too! J-Pop CD Cover Art’s HANABI.1984 provides two series this week, of BoA and Suzuki Ami: highlights include a sexy shot of BoA for "Quincy". ikiwimasshoi, meanwhile, notes that BoA did indeed faint at a recent concert. He also gives us the covers to AAA’s "Blood on Fire" and "Kireina Sora" as well as the classic image from dream’s "I Love dream World". At Idols Unlimited, there are pictures from Takahashi Ai’s Waatame as well as Shibata Ayumi’s Ayumi2 and some pics of Hamasaki Ayumi. Insyte’s Insights have some wonderfully large screencaps of the new Berryz Koubo PV, and Cute Cosplay Angels has some lovely pictures of Kumada Yoko with a couple other girls.

Akiramike of the mighty HamsapSukebe has a great review of an Office Lady Jdorama, Anego, and a Hana Yori Dango screencap that requires no commentary. Junk Odyssey has returned with a funky new look – I first thought it gave up WordPress for Livejournal – and a new MP3 rotation. At The Blog That Will Change Everything (Eventually), sabaku.ika is bored – I link to it because the line about revenge and popsicles is priceless.

And welcome another new Jpop blog to this world, Paint it Gold! As Beth says in her introduction, "I really love Japanese Pop Culture (music, fashion, trends, ect) way too much for my own good" – so I’m hoping there’ll be a lot of blogging goodness resulting from this love.

Last but by no means least, Jarret of I’m bad at naming things promises to come back to blogging real soon! Good luck on your finals, man!