Shifting Priorities for 2006

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I’m starting off the New Year in a wonderful way: unemployed.

Actually, working solely as a freelance writer – which, let’s face it, is the same as being unemployed in the eyes of most people. The situation seemed ripe: my current temp assignment ended as of today, and I’ve decided to see if I can make a living on just sitting at home and tapping away at a keyboard all day.

If it doesn’t work out too great, I’ll be back to temping in a couple weeks. If this freelance experiment does work, I can see this going on for a couple months… beyond that, I wouldn’t hazard a guess. I’m fickle, if nothing else.

Part of the reason I want to try this out is because I wanted to devote more time to my writing. Except I spent these past couple weeks barely blogging, focusing too much on freelance work – you know, paving the way for the big experiment – and that’s just so wrong in so many ways. Time to re-assert the blogger in me, dammit! There’s too many unfinished entries waiting to be posted, and there’s nothing like a whole new year to start fresh. (And to pursue other kinds of writing, including a serious stab at fiction…)

And for those who’re wondering, the experiment with my now-former workplace was a rousing success. They had no choice but to share in my Berryz mania this past month or so. Several of my co-workers now have the melody of "Piriri to Yukou" burned through their heads – if they ever hear those opening Okinawan strings again, they’ll dum-de-dum-de-dum with it. One of my co-workers has asked for a disc of MP3s of the songs he likes – SweetS, Viyuden, Hinochi, no Berryz. Another co-worker is something of a Hinoi Team fan now… at least, he likes "Night of Fire" and "King Kong" a lot, and can even do a bit of the para para from the PV. They’re also completely inured to every sick comment I can think of, especially about my favorite U15 idols. Comments about the hotness of Suzuki Airi in "First Kiss" are greeted with shrugs and shakes of the head, as are more elaborate comments about various Berryz and SweetS. So, really, I guess it was time to move along so I could appall whole new co-workers at new assignments.

Anyway, for the duration of my freelance experiment, I should be fitting a couple of hours a day minimum on this blog. Enjoy it while you can. I know I will.