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Okay, so I was at wiki.theppn and looking over Zone’s entry and decided I wanted to set the featured picture of the girls for my laptop’s wallpaper. Two thoughts struck me on why this was a good idea: for some reason, Maiko looks particularly hot in this picture. (I think it’s that she’s not smiling and her cheekbones are accentuated differently.) Second, Tomoka’s ears look real sexy in this picture.

And the part of me that’s always monitoring my thought processes went, "Wait a minute? The ears? What the hell am I talking about?"

But the more I looked at the picture, the more I figured that Tomoka’s big, beautiful ears were what sold me on the picture. It’s the first thing that draws my eye now, and it’s enough to give me shivers of delight.

And I realized, this isn’t an anomalous aesthetic judgment for me. If anything, I’ve become more attracted to beautiful ears in the past year or so. At my (former) place of work, there was this Japanese girl who I’d always enjoy looking at when she dropped by my office – and my nickname for her at the time was "The Big-Eared Girl". She ended up dating one of my co-workers, but we won’t get into that. And even in Cult of Pop, this interest in large ears can be easily traced… 

I had this picture of Risako right on the front page!

Of course, there’s this lovely shot of Momoko from "Special Generation"… 

And Chinami’s got smaller-proportioned but very pretty ears in "Piriri to Yukou", one of the first Berryz pics to appear on this blog.

I checked my favorite PV of all time, SweetS’ "Love Like Candy Floss", and there were Haruna’s ears – which are actually highlighted from the very beginning, when we see her profile as she’s writing at her desk…

And there’s Miori’s ears in another all-time favorite from SweetS, "Lolita Strawberry in Summer".

And looking ahead to entries I’m chipping away at, there’s Sayumi’s lovely ears in the Chokkan 2 Close-Up PV…

And I first really noticed Keika of Hinoi Team in the "King Kong" PV, where she ties her hair in pigtails and shows off her ears. Really, this was when she surpassed Asuka as my favorite of Hinochi…

And then there’s Goto Maki.

I have a big stuffed animal, a white tiger that I sleep with every night (along with a pink bear that’s served as a faithful pillow since my dotcom days of sleeping on a couch while in-between homes). I got her at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure in Spring 2004 on Barbara’s birthday, and decided to name her Goto Maki "because she has a big nose and big ears". It was meant as a tease, but also tribute to Gocchin. Not that I’m a particular fan of hers, but it made sense at the time.

If anyone makes bigs ears and a big nose work, it’s Goto Maki. I think that’s one of the reasons I admire her, because her looks is unusual and yet glamorously so. You know she’s beautiful but when you stop to ficgure out why, you’re stunned to figure it’s because of what’d otherwise be considered an ungainly disproportion.

What’s the deal with the big ears, then?

Luckily, I can trace an exact moment. I remember when Harumi first visited Barbara and me, back when we were still in Florida, and she looked at my ears in an admiring fashion. Apparently, the Japanese equate large ears with good luck or prosperity, and my ears were good. I’m not bragging here – my ears aren’t Clark Gable by any means, when I look at them they look depressingly normal, if well-shaped. So I guess that whole thing about ears really started there. At the very least, it gave me a reason to consider ears where I’d not given them too much thought before.

Though now that I think of it, nobody besides Harumi has ever mentioned that big ears thing to me since, so maybe she was just making fun of me and now it’s become a misguided semi-fetish.

But let’s stress – it’s not like these girls’ ears are grotesquely disproportional or anything. Well, maybe Risako’s, but she’s still growing up. I think it’s liking how they’re accentuated, how they can be a positive feature and allowed to stand out, not something hidden away by hair. There’s something intensely sensual and exposed – but at the same time, quite acceptable – about a fully seen ear on a woman, especially if the hair curves around it, further accentuating the shape of the ears against the head.

(Which is perhaps what makes exposed ears on a long head of hair better than, say, ears on a crewcut – on the crewcut, the ears are too clearly sticking out as appendages to the skull. It’s the difference between burlesque and full-on nudity, between tease and plainly being out there.)

And then there’s the pleasures to be gained from lightly chewing on a loved one’s earlobes, or to run your fingers along the shell-like curves in a playful manner. Sure, there’s also some more explicit exchanges of bodily fluids possible with any orifice, but I’m not considering that a particular plus in this case. After all, the best exchange from one’s self to another’s ear, the most pleasurably intimate, is also one that involves no touch whatsoever: being able to whisper something, share a secret, your voice so low that she knows it’s meant for her ear and hers alone. There’s definitely something quite sexy about that, and about an ear that invites such intimacy. Tomoka’s ears speak volumes of that kind of connection, I think.

Pretty ears – that is, ears that call attention to themselves but not too much attention, that are well-shaped and well-proportioned – can be a huge asset. I’d place it a couple notches below a great smile and intelligent eyes, maybe a half dozen notches over a nice butt, but several dozen notches over a large rack or swan-like neck or being a certain height.

And man, do I miss Zone. Still.


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4 Responses to “All Ears”
  1. Alice says:

    You remind me of the Guitar Otoko from Densha Otoko who was obsessed with girls’ ankles.

    On an unrelated note, I think I may end up a Berryz fan after all. I got the mini-album that came out last month (mostly for Special Generation and the new single), and I’ll probably get the second album eventually too. Just… not too much Momoko at once.

  2. niji says:

    Isn’t that Miyu in the picture and not Maiko? …?

  3. Yeah, that’s Miyu next to Tomoka. Maiko’s to the right of Miyu, but to fit her in the shot for this entry would’ve meant resizing the picture and not getting a good enough picture of Tomoka’s ears – which was the whole point of this entry. Click on the link above to see the full picture of all four girls.

    Sorry about the confusion.

    EDIT: I decided to re-crop and resize the picture after all, to avoid confusion. The original shot cropped version can now be found here.

  4. shidoshi says:

    It’s funny, because I’ve thought about this topic more than I probably should have as well. My term is “sticky-out ears.” Normally they are a turn-off for me, but for some reason, you get a Japanese girl with ears like that, and suddenly they’re adorable. One good example for me is ex-SPEED girlie Hiro.

    There are a few non-Japanese exceptions, which is how I got back to thinking about the topic recently – I finally played Resident Evil 4, and the main girl in the game, Ashley, has those kinds of ears, and is a total hottie. Of course, her facial features resemble a Japanese face in a number of ways, so she probably doesn’t count as an exception.