56th Kouhaku Announced

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Santos of Idolizing St. Anna posted news about this year’s Kouhaku and a link to the actual list.

The bad news: no Zone reunion. Which would have been devastating if Maria’s existence hadn’t been announced in October, but it would’ve been nice to see Miyu Maiko Tomoka Mizuho re-united on stage. And I’ll admit, a part of me is holding out that it’ll be a special surprise they’re saving… 

The good news: Morning Musume and Def Diva and Koda Kumi (her Kouhaku debut!) and SMAP will all be there. Hirai Ken won’t be there. Kishidan will be there.

The bad news: Amuro Namie won’t be there. Speed won’t reunite. And as Santos points out, nine of the top ten acts of this year won’t be there, including Orange Range. (Which I’ll miss, despite not being a fan.) The one top ten act who will be at Kouhaku is Nakashima Mika, who if I recall correctly looked a bit out of her gourd at last year’s Kouhaku.

My wife was wondering why Wada Akiko was on the men’s side, so I had to explain to her who m-flo were and why they heart Wada Akiko…

Having watched my first Kouhaku last year on local television, I know it’s a lot of lulls with sudden bursts of excitement. Still, it’ll be fun to watch if only to see the wide range of talento on hand.