Thankful for Jpop: Introduction to the Gimmick

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I don’t like the holidays in particular – or rather, I don’t like the holidays being forced upon me. I like smiling, happy people and joy and good will to all men, but if you need a fucking holiday as an excuse, then your priorities are out of whack. Every day should be a happy festive good-will-to-all day (around here we call it the aloha spirit) and, perverse as it sounds, the fact that this isn’t the case makes me mildly resentful of how people are emotionally hog-tied and frog-marched in November and December to spread a cheer which too often is faked, or at least overstated.

That said, it is a festive time and it’s nice to have a day off in the middle of the week. I can spend the time catching up on my freelance writing as well as helping out with the cooking (Barb and I are having a couple of friends over, and we’re making the turkey). If I behave, I’ll be doing both, but I figure lemme do something special with my pride and joy (meaning this here Cult of Pop thingie) by blogging throughout the day of ten things I’m thankful for about Jpop. I mean, sure I can be thankful for my health and family and friends and ambitions fulfilled and yadda yadda yadda – but as heartfelt and sincere and treacly as that may be, it isn’t what I like to write about here and what I suspect most of you wouldn’t want to read about here. But mostly, what I don’t like to write about here.

So. Every two hours from 6 AM to midnight Hawaii time, for my fellow Thanksgiving celebrants, I will give you some food for thought to go with all the stuffing and turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie in your belly. For those of you not celebrating Thanksgiving either by choice or because you live outside the holiday’s realm, I will match the gluttony of the holiday with an excess of words that will hopefully not be as repulsive a display as the slaughtered fowls and tons of leftovers that could feed at least a few Third World nations.

So that’s ten posts in the course of under twenty-four hours. And I’ll set down some ground rules. First, these will be actual posts of my usual, long-winded nature and not just quickies with a dozen words and a link. Second, I will not take the easy way out and simply list a group or favorite idol – that’s just too obvious, listing Momoko at 6 AM and Haruna at 8 AM and Kana at 10 AM and Momoko again at noon, 4 PM, and 10 PM. (Because I really am very thankful for Momoko – did you see her in this week’s Hello! Morning? I’m also real thankful of Chinami and her fuzzy pink hat.) I will take this opportunity to not only be thankful of the specific idols that enrich my life – a list familiar to readers already, I’m sure – but other aspects of Jpop I may not have expressed thanks for already. Third, each post will be scheduled on the hour, like clockwork, so you’ll know to pop in and look it up without wondering if I abandoned this cockamamie scheme midway.

What you can do to help encourage this: write comments as the day progresses! If you’re bored enough with your turkey day that you need some kind of distraction on the internet, this’ll be it! Every two hours like clockwork, something to make you forget all the relatives swarming around you and the tryptophan coursing through your blood! If you have the need to share your own joys and tribulations on this day, feel free to do so. If you have your own Jpop thankfulness to express, this is the perfect place and time!

So without further ado… I’ll see you in a couple of hours.