Thankful for Jpop 5: The Mixing of Idols

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[Um… the faint of heart and easily-offended better skip this one. But chances are, those kinds of readers had been avoiding this blog since their initial encounter with this site.] 

You know, I am so thankful for Oikawa Nao’s breasts. Her hooters. Her tits. Her funbags. Watching her handle them – and at the behest of a dragon puppet – isn’t the sexiest thing she’s ever done, but how she makes them bounce in this September 5 episode of Club Toryumon is just… magnificent. I’ve seen many a male bodily fluid showered on her, I can assure you that, and her prominence in the AV world is well-earned as far as I’m concerned. She’s quite a beauty – even setting aside her rack / honkers / bazookas – with her full lips and lively eyes and bony shoulders and willingness to fuck on-camera.

All of which goes back to a larger point: I am very thankful for the way idols have been crossing categories. Pop idols become gravure idols, such as dream’s Hasebe Yu. Gravure idols become pop idols, like Ogura Yuko. And in Nao’s case, AV idols becoming pop idols…

Why am I thankful for this? Because it provides wonderful moments of cognitive disconnect that make the world of Jpop more… sexy? Lust-worthy? Enjoyably erotic?

All of the above, of course. The underlying desire of Jpop takes a nice B-12 shot of pure horniness when you get other kinds of idols involved – those who pose in bikinis or have sex, for example. It stirs up fantasies that may have been boiling underneath, or at least make you think of whole new scenarios. When Oikawa Nao interviewed Natsumi Abe a few months back, for instance, it was like a historic talento meeting of Yalta proportions. Whore meets virgin! AV idol meets pop idol! I was just dying to hear questions from Nao-chan to Nacchi that I knew wouldn’t be breached. Just imagine it!

Nao: So, do you remember the first time you had five guys on you at the same time?

Nacchi: Um… Morning Musume sometimes worked with SMAP.

Nao: That’s funny, "smap" is also the sound of a cock being slapped across my face. Let’s look at one of my clips!

Nacchi: What… what’s that they’re doing? Why are you standing on your head while they…?

Nao: It’s funny how men’s sperm tastes differently, doesn’t it? Do you have a favorite taste with cum?

Nacchi: I… I like the Playstation.

Such a conversation wouldn’t happen, since Nao is trying to move past her former career and Nacchi’s ears wouldn’t just burn, her whole head would explode like in Scanners. Or so we’d like to think. Of course, there’s a good chance Nacchi isn’t all that innocent – and that’s another reason to enjoy and be thankful of the cross-idol transfers. As a group, idols whose images specialize in purity and innocence get just the faintest taint of the obscene and titillating – without having their individual virtues questioned, of course.

Obviously, the one transition I’ve yet to see – at least, on a noteworthy level – is watching a prominent pop idol become an AV idol. Sure, there are AV idols who take advantage of the Jpop world by their resemblance to pop idols or by taking a similar name. But the actual transition… well… I can think of a few idols I wouldn’t mind seeing take a turn at AV, but they tend to be idols I’m not attached to as pop idols.

Which perhaps makes some sense: the more attached I grow to a certain idol’s role, the less I need to see something different and novel. Like, I don’t want to see Tsuji Nozomi have sex; I like her too much as a Jpop idol and don’t want to see her do anything racier. And I don’t need to see Shibata Ayumi fuck because Nanba An looks enough like her but has a personality better suited for her excellent AV work. Ogura Yuko is just fine pretending to be under fifteen in a bikini, she doesn’t need to sing poorly and dance stiffly and stare upwards.

Those who can make the transition between idol categories are rare, as I’ve pointed out before – Hasebe Yu and then you wait and listen to crickets chirping. But with someone like Nao, who’s brought me hours of (self-)pleasure, one can only root for her and hope she succeeds as a non-fucking talento and singer. Because even if she refuses to have sex on-camera from now on, she still has ample gifts she can share with the world.