Thankful for Jpop 10: Sweet Chinami

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[Come on… I couldn’t pass up the chance, now could I?] 

The shake of your head in "Special Generation"
Was a nod of power, an emanation,
A wave of talent, a sheer tsunami
Of U15 magic, Sweet Chinami.

Too often denied the Berryz spotlight
Yet you continue to put up the good fight.
Your smile dazzles all with its bonhomie,
I’m under your sway, Sweet Chinami.

Please give me a look, please catch my eye!
Gag 100 kai bun aishite kudasai!
Sing your "nonyu nonyu" to enchant me,
Adorable, loveable, Sweet Chinami.

A billet-doux scented with my love,
We belong together, like a hand in glove,
In your small cowboy hat, so pink and fuzzy,
Please roam my range, Sweet Chinami.

Sweet Chinami, you deserve so much more,
Your enigmatic side we must still explore,
Along with your pure unfettered glee.
I’m thankful that you’re such a Sweet Chinami.

And here’s an extra… 


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4 Responses to “Thankful for Jpop 10: Sweet Chinami”
  1. tsp says:

    Hey, very nice poem. It’s been so long I’ve seen as good as this, sweet Chinami

  2. niji says:

    Momoko, O Momoko
    Make me a cup of cocoa.

    Sweet Chinami
    Make me some origami.

    LOL at Ray!!! XD

  3. Quick! I need anything and everything that rhymes with “Miyabi”!

    … just kidding.

  4. niji says:

    Miyabi, wasabe… ROTFL XP

    And that “nonyu” part in their new song actually annoys me like hell… LOL