Sunday Blog Roundup: Two Momusu Top Tens, Tip Tap Tips, and Yellow Shirt Guy

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Our cat brought in a live mouse and we practically tore the apartment to pieces to get rid of the varmint. So if I seem distracted… well… it’s been quite a night already.

Anyway, this has been a week less active in the Jpop blogosphere than the last couple, but there was still a great deal of enjoyable posts to read. My favorite post this week is from Twissie, who provides two Top Ten lists: best vocals and most likeable personalities. She could have included it on her Momusu blog, Sekushii Biimu, but instead it appears in her Livejournal. What I like is how she decided to consider these two categories separately, conceding that talent and likeability can be two very different things. What I don’t like is that she doesn’t rate Reina as high as I think she deserves… but hey, we all have our favorites, right? 

I’m currently in the thralls of the new Halcali PV, so it’s nice to see that at HALCALI day by day, jariten gives a thumbs-up to the cover art and PV of "Tip Tap Tips" as well as translates an interview with the duo in What’s In? magazine. Over at The Blog That Will Change Everything (Eventually), sabaku.ika provides more of The Wisdom of Jpop PVs: in this case, Yellow Shirt Guy as an ideal role model. Big, blonde, hunky, Yellow Shirt Guy. Suika of Melon Pop! provides a very nice review of Morning Musume’s "Chokkan 2", expressing the fears this retread instill in H!P fandom. Go of jrocknyc takes us on a couple of trips: he not only visits the Cure Made Cafe and tells us all about it, he also looks back at a Dir en Grey concert he attended in 2002. Meanwhile, Miki’s Colors site not only gets a new look, but also offers up DEF. DIVA’s PV for your downloading pleasure.

The tag team of Idolizing St. Anna’s Santos and Made in Paradise’s Thea struck twice this week: Thea takes an interest in Michi Saito of Avex’s 3rd Xmas supergroup, and Santos follows up with a closer examination of her role in the PV and CD packaging. Then, each of them takes a look at Hinoi Team and Koriki’s "Night of Fire": Santos considers the Beauty and the Beast angle, while Thea enumerates the band’s virtues before looking at the PV itself. Santos also looks at some rumors, including the possibility that ex-Speed Hiro may marry Matsumoto of Downtown! I don’t know if I could take such heartache if that’s true… Thea, meanwhile, finds praise for Ito Ayaka of Paradise Go!! Go!!.

Over at J-Pop CD Cover Art, HANABI.1984 provides a quarter of gorgeous Viyuden singles: "Koi no Nekugara", "Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari", "Hitorijime", and "Kurenai no Kisetsu". Jarret at I’m bad at naming things is developing a taste for Zwei. Musicrakuen takes a detailed look at Goto Maki’s performance at Asia Song Festival 2005 in Korea. Ikimasshoi reviews Hamasaki Ayumi’s new single and New York-based PV. Cute Cosplay Angels has a short review of Irie Saaya’s Little Legend, unfortunately with no pics this time. And on the jdorama front, HamsapSukebe’s Akiramike looks at Ai no Uta and Jyoou no Kyoushitsu while gaki of is amused by a particular scene in H2.