Sunday Blog Roundup: T-shirts, Parago, and Tons O’ New Blogs

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The Jpop blogosphere was remarkably busy this week, even with the holidays now tightening its grip on our collective necks… 

My favorite post this week is from Go of jrocknyc, who provides a survey of the quality of Dir en Grey T-shirts he’s picked up over the years. As someone who’s worn favorite T-shirts to tatters, it’s nice to see somebody paying close attention to this phenomenon… and perhaps finding out age doesn’t matter as much as other factors in the preservation of a favorite shirt.

Second favorite for the week is how Santos of Idolizing St. Anna looks at the career of Hirai Rio as an alternative to that of other idols. How he got to write in his blog this week at all, I have no idea – he attended seven different Paradise Go!! Go!! events this week, on the twenty-third, twenty-sixth, and twenty-seventh. If I ever go to Japan, I want him as my guide… Meanwhile, Thea of Made in Paradise keeps posting news on the Avex girl groups, and guides us through the Girl’s Box groups’ sales for the year, according to Oricon. I found it mildly depressing, if only because SweetS’ numbers are getting lower…

There’s also been a good deal of H!P related blogging this week. At ikimasshoi, the possibility is raised of an old-school Morning Musume line-up for Kouhaku, while Gaki of appreciates the cuteness of Kago Ai and Twiss thoughtfully describes how singing Hello! Project songs has deepened her appreciation of them. [E]verything-[E] marks the end of an era, as Eric Kamezou’s Maido Airii segments end with this week’s Hello! Morning. Miki provides some new downloads at COLORS – Viyuden performing "Kurenai no Kisetsu" on Music Fighter and Goto Maki’s comments on her PVs – as well as a return to a Gocchin theme for Miki’s Sorcery.

J-Pop CD Cover Art covered another huge swath of goodness, covering the discography of Do As Infinity from their first single "Tangerine Dream" to their last one "TAO", as well as all albums. The wealth of pretty, pretty art on this blog is making it a valuable resource. At HALCALI day by day, jariten notes the new website for Halcali and a live show, while musicrakuen provides a peek at some Jpop goodies that arrived in her mail. On the Jdorama front, Akiramike of HamsapSukebe looks at episode four of Jyoou no Kyoushitsu. And if you’re looking for some eyecandy, there’s an excellent Hoshino Aki gallery at Idols Unlimited and some Aida Garo schoolgirl cosplay at the always-enjoyable Cute Cosplay Angels… the first three shots are very nice, and from there it just gets into that troublesome Aida Garo territory.

And there are some new – or at least new to me – blogs worth looking at. Dream’s Box is a dynamic new blog devoted to dream and other Jpop girl groups; this led me to Charming Worlds, a blog with a strong interest in Morning Musume’s Takahashi Ai. ENDLESSstory seems to be a personal blog with a strong interest in Jpop and Jdorama. The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory features a nice variety of Jpop videos and some commentary; Johnny of The Mind already gave a link here (and also pointing out I’m a Filipino American – so that makes at least three of us in the Jpop blogosphere now…), so many thanks for that. And a group blog  called Your Opinion Doesn’t Count seems to have at least a couple of contributors interested in Jpop and Japanese pop culture in general.


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2 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: T-shirts, Parago, and Tons O’ New Blogs”
  1. niji says:

    I thought you installed a vertigo blur transition to your site when it suddenly went FF random battle on me. It turns out that the The Mind: My Own Personal Idea Factory website was the one which employed it and quickly pressing the Back key doesn’t invalidate the code for the transition effect. Just found it funny. XD

  2. Johnny says:

    I’ve just added Chokkan 2 to the video playlist. Enjoy!

    I’ll be adding more videos within the next few days.

    As for the transition effect, it sometimes still lingers for a page or two after you exit my blog via the “back” button or when you jump to another website through the Address bar.

    I still find pleasure in seeing the screen go “FF random battle” whenever I check my mail. ^___^