Sunday Blog Roundup: Early Musume, Dying Loves, and Sumos Unleashed

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It’s been another stellar week in the Jpop blogosphere if you want pretty things to look at, interesting opinions to read, or downloads to fill up your screen.

J-Pop CD Cover Art’s HANABI.1984 has been on fire lately, and provided my favorite posts of the week: all the covers to Morning Musume’s EARLY SINGLE BOX set, from Morning Coffee to Koi no Dance Site. Of course, this includes the Love Machine single cover with its notorious curse – now completed, thanks to Yagu’s resignation. Among other things, he also does a trio of new dream covers- Love Generation, Pure, and Identity – prologue- – and the cover to old dream’s Night of Fire.

Coming in a close second, Akiramike at HamsapSukebe provides an indispensible list of Top 10 reason to date a cute girl who has a life threatening disease. Very funny, and makes me want to hang out in hospital wards looking for some love. Over at The Blog That Will Change Everything (Eventually), there’s a rather insightful examination of the deeper meaning behind Viyuden’s PV for "Kirenai Kisetsu". Read it, and don’t make fun of trees anymore. Go of jrocknyc – who gleefully pissed off readers by revealing the ending of this week’s Lost (I found it funny, at least) – attended another show of metal cover bands with amusing results.

For some reason, wrestling has been on some bloggers’ minds. Renzata at Sagaliminal gives an account of Morning Musume’s recent sumo battles on Hello! Morning, while Santos of Idolizing St. Anna actually rates the singing ability of Jpop idols using a sumo ranking. And to finish the analogy, the tag team of Santos and Thea of Made in Paradise strike again with an explosive blow: Thea gives screencap coverage of the 3rd Xmas PV with dream, SweetS, Paradise Go!! Go!! and others, then Santos examines who got the most screen time during the PV and what that says about the Girl’s Box pecking order. Last but not least, Santos explores the possibility of Bishojo Club 31 cutting back in their number… which I guess can be compared to a caged match something-or-other where not everyone gets out alive.

Or something.

Mark of ikimasshoi provides a pair of thoughtful editorials along with the usual breaking news: one about Morning Musume and fandom, another on 2005 Momusu singles in a minor key. Meanwhile, Twiss of Sekushii biimu provides answers to an H!P survey she took as she continues her personal journey through Jpop fan circles.

On the download front, Miki of Colors provides a video of the H!P All-Stars during their recording of "All for One and One for All" and Otsuka Ai’s Kingyo Hanabi short film, while musicrakuen has a quartet of quality PVs including Paradise Go!! Go!!’s "Argent Snow". Lainay of Channel Ai returns with more of her H!P goodness: downloads and a song-by-song review of Viyuden’s first album. Idols Unlimited has photobook pics for Ishikawa Rika, Konno Asami, and two for Goto Maki (here and here). If you’re feeling more adventurous (or illicit) about your eyecandy, Cute Cosplay Angels spent the weekend looking at Garo Aida’s work: this includes a few shots of Sweet Kiss as well as some guilt-inducing shots of U15 cuties such as Miyu, Maya, and Hana.

I also ran into some previously-unknown-to-me Jpop blogs worth paying attention, the best by far being HALCALI day by day by jariten. This site does my favorite Jrap duo justice – not only praising what’s good about the girls, but also wary of their potential shortcomings. For example, in a post this week, jariten compares the career arc of Tommy February6 to the current direction Halcali seems to be taking. Other new and noteworthy blogs include friday magazine’s Journal, which brings readers gossip from the geinou world – presumably, in the spirit of Friday magazine; while Insyte’s Insights is subtitled "Jpop Ramblings" and delivers exactly that with some nice, large screencaps. For those of you who like podcasts – I’m not one of them – you may want to check out Jpop Blast, a weekly podcast blog devoted to Japanese pop culture.

And though these don’t seem to be Jpop blogs, you may want to at least read these entries: Surfilicious and PSFK both cover a new device that emits a fresh scent when your phone rings, including one called Morning Musume. Talking to Myself takes offense at a recent Time article about Korean pop music, while i hate graduate school muses briefly on Jpop and the kind of celebrity it nurtures.

Lastly, anyone still interested in finding blogs showing that Morning Musume porkchop-baiting lizard clip can check this Technorati search. But I think it’s been played out already. Right?


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2 Responses to “Sunday Blog Roundup: Early Musume, Dying Loves, and Sumos Unleashed”
  1. HANABI.1984 says:

    Wow! I cannot believe you mentioned me. I’m so happy. ^_^ I’m glad you liked the posts. Great wrap-up of the week. I really like your blog and keep up the good work.

  2. jariten says:

    I’m glad that you enjoyed reading my blog, and I’m honored to be part of your feed. Love what you’re doing here, the writing, the analysis, the idol battle royal (?!). keep it up!