Sunday Blog Roundup

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It feels like a whole bunch of Jpop bloggers have been taking their Wheaties… or at least lacing their Cocoa Puffs with something powerfully illicit…

A surge of blogging activity occurred this week, a veritable wave of writing that was often thoughtful, original, insightful, informative… a few were wonderfully crazed, some had very eloquent writing, and more than a few featured very pretty pictures. For some reason, this week more than past weeks felt like a groundswell of individual activity, adding up to something larger. But maybe it’s just the afterglow of surfing the blogs and finding a wealth of enjoyable reading.

My favorite post in a week of many favorite posts has got to be Renzeta at Sagaliminal riffing off Morning Musume’s Hello! Morning performance of "Chokkan 2" with visions of the Dragon General and the Blossom Princess. It’s a wonderful piece about fan inspiration and the passion we all should bring to our interest in Jpop. Close behind, Suika of Melon Pop! provides a nice summary of recent things that make her smile, including "Matsuken Samba III", SweetS’ survival as a 3-nin group, and Otsuka Ai’s ballads. She then goes on to explore Shuji to Akira’s single, describing the latest successful attempt of Johnny’s Entertainment to win the hearts and mind of Japanese fans. And speaking of Johnny’s, Lisa of Eden covers the appearance of NEWS on Shounen Club in rather precise detail.

Go of jrocknyc attended a metal cover band show that features Judas Brieftou and Hattallica – and even made a Hard Gay joke that was achingly appropriate in its cross-pollination of pop culture humor… In her typical incisive fashion, crs of undoing the mercator projection explores reasons why a pan-Asian music market is developing, then takes some interesting potshots on various offenders in the Asian music scene.

Santos of Idolizing St. Anna not only covers Harenchi Punch’s anti-hentai rally of a show, but also the release event of Irie Saaya’s latest masterwork – both in Akihabara. Santos also attends another SweetS show. We also see a nice one-two punch re-enacted as Santos takes a look at Paradise Go!! Go!!’s new song and PV, "Argent Snow", and followed by Thea of Made in Paradise, bringing her own observations on the PV – including a nifty comparison with another Avex group. Thea also examines the a-nation ’05 Best Hit Live DVD and Seed’s first release.

Over at J-Pop CD Cover Art, a request from Channel-Ai’s eyn leads to HANABI.1984 posting ten different Otsuka Ai covers! He also provides the art for DEF. DIVA’s CD. From sight to sound: if you’ve got an iPod, morning scene has been providing a North American iTunes guide for fans of Japanese music, freshly updated with version 1.5.

At Miki’s Sorcery, Miki notes some fallout from Mikitty’s comment, while on Colors she posts a Berryz Koubo performance of "21 ji no Made Cinderella". Miki’s also trying her hand at subbing PV’s, starting with videos by Goto Maki and Ueto Aya. Twiss of sekushii biimu shares what she’s been up to with her Hello! Project fandom. At musicrakuen, there’s an assessment of two new Taiwanese girl groups, 7 Flowers and Yummy

On the non-Jpop front, Gaki of explains how massively multiplayer games are like crack, while AkiraMike of HamsapSukebe defends the "milf of Jdorama", Kuroki Hitomi.

I don’t know if this coming week’s posts will top this one’s crop, but it doesn’t matter – the range, breadth, and depth of the English-language Jpop blogosphere has proven itself to be impressive and can only get better over time.