So. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

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For starters, it’s the PV for Hinoi Team’s cover of "Night of Fire". "Night of Fire" – one of my favorite songs from 3-nin dream. And yes, I know that their version was also a cover, but their version’s so damned good, I don’t think anyone – even label-mates Hinochi – should touch it. It’s like Tanpopo’s "Koi wo Shichaimashita" or the Rolling Stones’ "Sympathy for the Devil" – some songs simply belong to a certain group or line-up, and to mess with that ownership is to do the song a disservice.

I could be wrong. Their version may blow away 3-nin dream’s version. But considering how one set of talent stacks up against the other… well, come on. I love Hinoi Team, but love only goes so far against reality. (And yes, I love 3-nin dream more, anyway.)


What else is wrong with the picture?

Ah… you noticed that, too? Yeah, those outfits on the girls are just horrendous. Either they’re not trashy enough or way too trashy for their own good, I can’t decide which. And if you’re going to opt for something with that much flash and trash, you’re better off co-ordinating it so it doesn’t seem so haphazard and cheap.

The Hello! Project units have this kind of eye-burning glitz-and-midriffs outfits down to a semi-science, such as the shimmy outfits Morning Musume wore in last year’s Kouhaku. There, they managed to look like Las Vegas showgirls to excellent effect – and Yossi shook her moneymaker like a pro, I still fondly remember. It was sexy but it made sense visually in a weird, waving around singles and looking around for Wayne Newton, kind of way. Here, Hinoi Team look like cocktail waitresses for four different Reno casinos, doing a karaoke of "In the Navy".

Avex has had similar wardrobe problems with their girl groups before. Much as I love new dream now, I still think the cover to 777 – Another Side Story makes them look like a roving gang of hooker wannabes.

So that’s about it… I look forward to anything new by Hinoi Team anyways, but I just had to voice my frustration – 

What? What do you mean, there’s something else wrong? 

Koriki in a gold cape holding his crotch behind the girls? No, I don’t have a problem with that. If you’re going to have an apparently mentally disturbed Hurley look-alike hang out with you, you’ve got to expect that kind of thing to happen.

But for a cover of "Night of Fire"? Well, that may have been taking it too far. 

(Special thanks to Thea of Made in Paradise for pointing me to this screencap.) 


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5 Responses to “So. What’s Wrong With This Picture?”
  1. Sabaku Ika says:

    I can’t think of what Sympathy for the Devil sounds like right now, but I’m sure a Hinoi Team cover of it would be awesome.

  2. Thea says:

    i know what you mean. i love dream’s version so much. it’s kinda bad that they even thought of covering this lol.

  3. ikiMark says:

    What’s that duy doing there ? o_O
    I can’t stand their management pairing up Hinocchi with Kori whatever..

  4. Sabaku Ika:

    Wow. (Whoo! Whoo!) Just trying to wrap my head around the notion just… (Whoo! Whoo!) My head’s gonna explode. (Whoo! Whoo!)

    Thea and ikiMark:

    My fingers are still crossed that it’ll turn out passable, at least, and not horrendous. Just as long as he doesn’t become Hinochi’s permanent fifth member, I’ll be relieved.

  5. Sabaku Ika says:

    Even better:
    The Rolling Stones – KING KONG