“Shinya’s Wife”

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Speaking of ancient Hello! Project history…

I consider Go of jrocknyc the alpha male of the Jpop blogosphere: he blogs with an omnivorous curiosity I associate with Ann Althouse, touching on a wide range of topics from literary theory to political news to internet history to (of course) rock music, all with his own unique perspective and cutting wit intact. (Believe me, it’s harder than it looks: I tried to be wide-ranging with version 1.0 of Cult of Pop but was ultimately unsatisfied with the results – hence, the more intensely Jpop-centric 2.0.) Go’s also a generous man who understands the small gestures that can bring happiness to others within his digital reach.

All of which is a way of sucking up to thanking him, as he’s been sending me scans of Ishiguro Aya whenever she appears in the magazines his wife picks up. So my deepest gratitude to Go’s kindness, and here’s a quick gallery of some periodical-derived Ishiguro goodness, mostly with the beautiful results of her getting-it-on’s with Luna Sea drummer Shinya.

Ah, Ishiguro Aya! My favorite of all Morning Musumes, past and present. She’s got a beautiful smile, a happy family, and has moved on from Momusuwith surprising grace. Instead of shying away from media attention the way Fukuda Asuka and Ichii Sayaka had (in Sayaka’s case, after she got knocked up and Cubic Cross fell apart), she accepted what happened and made the best of it, writing about her experiences as a young mother and offering advice in books like Kosodatte Project.

She looks great in that sporty outfit, doesn’t she? Maturity has treated her well – she’s older and more experienced looking, but still young enough to be dynamic and fresh and sexy. Not just MILF sexy, though she has that going for her – but straight-ahead, toe-to-toe with Hoshino Aki sexy as well.

On a side note, I’ve written before of Mother Musumes and theorized possible links to the Love Machine Curse – but Yuko isn’t pregnant yet, so maybe my theory was off. I’m sure Yuko’d be thankful of that.

This is the latest clipping, from the most recent Baby-mo. She looks adorable, doesn’t she?

It’d be nice to see Ayappe come out of retirement and do some singing again, like she did with that Tanpopo reunion a few years back. She’s got such a natural grace and style, she can do both ebullient and smoldering with ease. For me, watching Ishiguro move in the older PVs is often the best part of the early, Nacchi-centric efforts.

A return to a singing career is not likely to happen, I know – she seems happy with how her life has turned out and would probably consider being an idol as going backwards in her priorities. But maybe she can be part of a whole new category? Maybe Ishiguro can be a motherhood idol, whose fan base is made up of people who want to see Ayappe in all her MILF-y goodness? Photobooks that alternate between bikini spreads by herself and then picnics with her family (Shinya included, the lucky bastard)? Alo-Hello style travel videos where we see her rollerblading in Waikiki while pushing a stroller?

I’d shell out good money for all that. And hey, maybe it’d bring Sayaka out of retirement, too.


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4 Responses to ““Shinya’s Wife””
  1. jordi says:

    the kid has her mum’s face structure!!!!

  2. Akiramike says:

    OMG, there was a Tanpopo reunion??????? The old Tanpopo was sooooo good. And Yuko isn’t pregnant cause she’s a lesbian. lol

  3. tsp says:

    Aye, she still looks great!!

  4. Sabaku Ika says:

    Another option: Turn her family into a band. Not sure what the kids would do, but they’ll think of something. Kazoo, maybe…