Morning Musuko?

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Got this Sanspo article from a link at MM-BBS and it was intriguing enough that I had my wife translate it. All thanks go to her. Basically, Tsunku was in East Osaka and has written a song about the city, which he hopes will become popular in another 100 years. He’s thinking of holding auditions for young men, 16-22, from East Osaka to form a new group called Morning Musuko. Tsunku apparently has a soft spot for East Osaka, as that’s where he lived before becoming famous and it feels like home whenever he returns.

Morning Musuko. Anyone remember that clip where Gackt and a Peace-era Kago go on a date and Gackt says he’s shy around the audience of Morning Musuko? 

I have no idea what to make of this, it’s just kind of… weird. Take the regional flavor of Country Musume, apply it to Osaka, use the opposite sex, and name it after your flagship group. 

We’ll see if he actually follows through on this. If he does…

If he does… 


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5 Responses to “Morning Musuko?”
  1. Alice says:

    About damn time he got some boys into Hello! Project.

  2. santos26 says:

    I’ve also just read the news and about to write an entry with the same title lol.
    But it seems that the name of ‘Mo-Musuko’ is only mentioned by the journalist who wrote that article, and actually Tsunku only wants to produce male (maybe solo) singer. He might be nicknamed ‘Mo-musuko’, but just a nickname, as far as I think. And I don’t think he will be in H!P, either lol.

  3. niji says:

    Letting a male singer near a bunch of girls who are forbidden to have romantic relationships is such a bad idea.

  4. A realist says:

    Don’t worry. I’m sure their boyfriends wouldn’t let them break that rule with him.

  5. niji says:

    Realists have no place in the idol industry. Sit down and eat your peas. LOL XP