Kimi ga Ita Fuyu

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Time for the last sheet on my Zone calendar – November / December – and fittingly enough, it’s Mizuho, whose decision to leave the band is what broke them up. I don’t hold it against her, by any means: the decision to break up the band came from the other three members and besides, Mizuho had a right to go her own way. Beyond that, Maiko now has Maria and Miyu’s supposed to be continuing her solo career and Tomoka… well, Tomoka’ll pop up sooner or later, I hope. (And I know I’m not the only one.)

For some reason, Mizuho looked much prettier in the last year of the group – before this, she seemed kind of gawky and awkward. By the time of "Eago Biyori", she was downright gorgeous, a true young lady.

I still haven’t decided what calendar I want for next year – I’m leaning on Berryz, though I really wish there was a SweetS or even a Hinoi Team calendar to choose from.

And with such a visible symbol of the end of the year looming near, I already find myself thinking about what kind of year-end list-making blog entries I want to write up by that time. (Always keeping in mind Don DeLillo’s observation on cultural neurosis and list-making.) Top 10 PVs, Top 10 Songs, Top 10 PVs Which Benefit From the Mute Button… Maybe Top 10 Jpop News Events? I’ll figure it out in the next sixty days.


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One Response to “Kimi ga Ita Fuyu”
  1. Ty says:

    For me, I’m not going to do much with the calendar, i’ll probably just keep it up, one of the last precious memobilia, i have of zone, i’m surprise that on ebay there’s nothing on ZONE. I’m guessing fans has moved on. I guessed it’s time to move on.

    On second thoughts who am I kidding, since their disbandment to finding out the Maiko and Miyu is still in the business, ZONE will always be around, at least in my car cd player, and ipod, there music will continue to be played, right now I love Tabitachi, each version. But Today, in November, I stumbled upon this.

    Tomoka returns?